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Healthy Supplement Cycles

Four Reasons to Complete A Cycle

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Are you tired of pushing through that workout of the week? After all, it’s Friday and you are ready to start your weekend. The whole situation you are in could have you thinking “am I wasting my life lifting weights”? I have some good news for you it has been shown that weightlifting actually contributes towards living a longer life. I wish that more people were aware of just how awesome weightlifting was for you. Oh well, I guess the lack of people weightlifting means that there are less crowded gyms for the rest of us! Another reason to be happy about the lifting that comes with the successful completion of a cycle is because it is helping to keep you around longer.  There are many more perks to completing a cycle, I will now present them to you.
don't slow downSatisfaction of a Completed Project
There is really no better feeling than completing a task that you have started. I’ll admit that I feel victorious when I have conquered something as simple and boring as a pile of dishes. When you complete an entire cycle, you have confidence that no one can touch. Not only did you spend a few months completing a goal, you completed one that had to do with fitness, great job!

A Better Body

As grueling as cycles can get, you’ve got to think about what is waiting on the other side. It’s a similar feeling to waiting a really long time for a package to arrive. Because you know you are counting down to the end of your cycle, your mind plays tricks on you. When you are preparing for that last weigh-in, it’s like the big day can’t get there fast enough. If you have a bit of patience, you will soon get ready to take those awesome after photos. Weight loss cycles are popular choices because of how much people love to see big changes occurring. Muscle gaining cycles are awesome to take on but the promise of quick weight loss can be more appealing to some of us.

Weightlifting Leads to Longer Life

This information was only released a short while ago, regarding some awesome findings. The information in recent research has shown that lifting weights can help you to live longer. If staying around this world longer isn’t reason enough to keep at your fitness cycle, I don’t know what is.

Giant Waste of Time and Money

For all of my fellow cheapskates, this reason will hurt us the most. When you give up on a cycle, you’ve just thrown a huge amount of effort and money right out of the window. Cycles can be costly, most of them usually costing upwards of a hundred dollars. Also, if you’ve invested more than a few days on a cycle you will probably start losing the newfound muscle gains.
In closing, there are many reasons that you should stick with your cycle. If you are under more stress than usually, there is nothing wrong with taking a day or two off. However, getting through the end of your cycle will make you feel much better about yourself. Knowing that you had the will and dedication to see aplan through from the beginning to the end can have a very positve effect on your life.

Starting a Body Weight Training Cycle

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Considering how costly monthly fitness memberships can be, it’s no wonder that more of us are needing a less expensive solution. I wanted to help out anyone who, for whatever reason, is finding that they will need to concentrate on solely body weight techniques to get big. Training with body weight simply means that your resistance will come from your weight and not that of extra weight plates. One of the most popular body weight exercises is the dip. To properly do a dip, you will need to make sure that you have a surface that can fully support your weight.

Chairs can be used to do dips at home, provided that they won’t buckle or slip out of your hands. Trust me, not checking that a surface is sturdy enough to support you before you start a dip can be a costly mistake. You don’t want to setup your new body weight gym at home, only to brake your wrists on the first day. Once you have secured a location and surfaces that will support your weight, simply dip down and back up. At first, you will want to assess how many unweighted dips that you can do. In time, you can even add weights that rest on your legs to add more weight. However, since we’re talking about body weight training, stick with no extra weight for the first few weeks. Dips primarily will work your chest and tricep muscles.

Dips Should Always Be In Any Training Regimen

There are different dip stances that you can do, with each degree of movement either working the triceps or chest more. I love doing dips because they are effective and don’t require that much complicated movement to properly perform. The next exercise that is great for a body weight cycle would be the push up. This exercise is probably one of the first ones you ever learned how to do but that doesn’t mean that the push up isn’t effective for increasing muscle size. Another added benefit of push ups is how truly versatile. Many have been perfecting the push up and, along the way, have invented new push up styles that can give the most experienced lifter a run for their money. Push ups are primarily going to work the chest muscles and are great for increasing your overall endurance levels. We’ve concentrated on exercises that take care of the upper muscle groups, it’s time we add another exercise but one that is great for your legs, the lunge.

Lunging is an exercise that requires the use of no weights, although you can begin to use light ones when you fell comfortable enough to do so. Don’t let anyone discourage you and tell you that body weight training is not effective. If you can follow the advice given in this post and put these exercises to good use, you will start to see improvements. Many people who have never lifted a weight in their lives will start out with a body weight training method. If you can lift your own body weight, you will find yourself way ahead of the newbies who are going to lift for their first time. In addition to learning proper form, you will have base strength that it will take new lifters a month or two to enjoy. Start a body weight routine and you will learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie and you can then plan on fixing these weaknesses.

Can A Game Help You Resist Junk Food During Cycle?

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There is no debate that junk food tastes great but there could be more to it than taste. One app is set to change the way that you eat, by rewiring your brain. Don’t worry, this isn’t some surgical procedure, it’s all done by changing what makes you happy. This food training app helps to replace how your brain receives dopamine, the chemical we produce that creates happiness. What isn’t as well known about why we eat junk food is that it’s directly tied to making us feel happier. Anyone who has ever overeaten knows that this feeling of happiness is only temporary. Many people hate the emotions that come with dieting, when they don’t realize that the junk food is causing the imbalances and irrational thinking in the brain. This app is totally free and is available for the android system right now. However, there are plans to bring this app to other operating systems in the near future. The science behind how this app works is truly astonishing. Knowing that triggering the brain’s dopamine is a predictor of eating junk food, this game helps to change what makes you happy. Another common source of dopamine release is through playing games.

Whether you’re slaying a dragon boss or completing one more level before bed, it creates happiness. I can attest to how much I can lose time by playing a video game. That feeling of not wanting to turn the gaming system off, when you know you should, likely means that you are getting dopamine and you don’t want it to stop. Through using this new training app, you will be shown pictures of various foods. The foods in this app will be separated into two groups, healthy and unhealthy snacks. Users will then be asked to select only foods that are healthy. I love this app because it has two different purposes: it retrains how we think of food and it helps to release dopamine, through winning the game. This news isn’t just another fad, either, it actually is working at helping people to rethink the way that they picture foods. I can see this app only being the start of apply these scientific findings to how we eat. If we could have this game in various schools, maybe it would help to curb the obesity problem that we face. Another great part of this app was that it only takes about ten minutes a day to complete.

You won’t need to give up your entire weekend or wait around for your energy to recharge. The creators of this app have kept things amazingly simple, while also still being able to learn so many new findings about re-training the mind. As we know, the more that you do a task, repeatedly, you will increase the likelihood of maintaining the habit. When you find that those junk food cravings are derailing the supplement cycle you are running, it’s tough to resist temptation. I know that I ended up gaining ten pounds, due to unhealthy foods, in a cycle that I should have lost weight. Knowing that I wasted all of that effort for a few cheeseburgers really had me disappointed in myself. If you want to get a heads up on improving your willpower, check out this app. You really have nothing to lose here, not only is this application backed by sound science, it’s also free, you can’t beat that.

Tip the Scales in Your Favor with Progressive Overload

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We all have our weird goals that we set for ourselves, that no one understands. I remember that, two years ago, I had to start looking big, for a Halloween costume. I wanted to dress up as the legendary Ultimate Warrior, if you have ever seen this man, you’ll know why I had to get started fast. Sadly, the Ultimate Warrior passed away a few years back and I wanted to train like him, as a sort of homage. In January of that year, I decided I would dress up as the Ultimate Warrior and the laughs I drew told me there was much work to be done. Not content to keep lifting the way I had, I wanted to change it up by using a system of progressive overload.

If you weren’t aware, progressive overload is the process of increasing what you lift, eventually succumbing to steps to gain nowfailure. The style of lifting, where the weight amounts change each set, is known as pyramid training. You can choose to have the weights lowered, as you continue or you can increase the weight after each set. What purpose pyramid training serves is to take the strength from your last set and apply it to the next one. If you hate feeling sore after lifting, progressive overload is not the program for you. However, if you want to breathe life into your stagnant process, use a progressive lifting style. To show you a better example, here is what my progressive overload sets looked like on leg day.

Set 1 – 5 reps with 100 lbs
Set 2 – 7 reps with 80 lbs
Set 3 – 10 reps with 60 lbs

Build Lean Muscle Weight that Exudes Power!

I hope that the above example clarifies what pyramid training truly is. If you are lifting weights to gain more strength, up the weights and lower the reps. On the other hand, if you are lifting to increase your lean mass, up the reps and progressively lower your weights. Sticking to a routine that involves overloading your muscles isn’t one that should be done year round. I only created the grueling training program and used it for nine months because I had to shape up fast to make a somewhat convincing Ultimate Warrior. If you want additional tips on gaining weight, check out the video below!

What Cycles Should I Run to Become a Bodybuilder?

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Let me be the first to congratulate you to being on your way to one of the toughest, yet most rewarding professions out there. Your journey will not be one without a ton of hard work and getting into a routine for years, maybe even decades. I will spare you from the lies you may hear elsewhere, there is no cycle that instantly transform you into a bodybuilder, that comes from years of training. Like you wouldn’t build a house without first making sure you had a sturdy foundation, right? Applying that same principle, you wouldn’t want to rush and find everything you could get your hands on, only to come up with a cycle that would do more damage than good.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even think about cycling a single thing until you have been consistently lifting for a period of no more than six months. Why do I have such strict rules about when to really get started with the scientific side of supplements? The answer to this is simple, I don’t want you wasting time and money, especially when you are already going to be gaining muscle super fast. It is kind of similar to spending 40 bucks and wasting three hours cleaning a set of shoes that you just took out the box, doesn’t exactly make sense. Save all of the supplementing for when you need it, once those newbie gains start to slow down.

Don’t let it discourage you from a long life of weightlifting, believe me, your health will thank you for it later. All I mean is that you are going to be, if you are a new lifter, putting yourself in situations that you aren’t used to, shocking your muscles in rapid development. The last thing you want to do is to start out lifting with supplements, thinking they did all the work, only to find out that you had the power the whole time. So many expect that after a few months of solid training, they are going to look like all the people we admire on the cover of magazines. Have you noticed that your gym is starting to become a little bit less crowded, all of the sudden? That is due to the fact that many of us will not stick with that resolution to change our lives, don’t be like them.

Many of us don’t follow that promise that we made to ourselves on December 31st, the sad thing is, most people will repeat that cycle for many years. If I had to pinpoint the best cycle to use when starting out, it’s easy, just stick with eating the right foods. If you can skip ahead from the rest of the pack and be the 5% of weightlifters out there that actually have the guts to follow a strict diet, you might not even need a supplement for help! Either way, the newbies need to give their muscles time to develop all on their own, before you start your own supplement collections. Worse comes to worse, think about using natural for energy, as this seems to be the reason that I most reach to supplements when training. It will drive you crazy, if you do nothing but thin about the supplements you should be using, concentrate on seeing what you’re made of before you go searching for a helping hand.

Deer Crashes Into Gold’s Gym

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In an event that you could chalk up to being thankful that it happened after hours, a deer crashed through a Gold’s Gym facility. Could you imagine being inside of the gym when, out of nowhere, an animal comes barging through the glass? I’ve had some odd fears about working out in public but wildlife has never been one of them! In South Carolina, seeing a deer or two isn’t an uncommon event. Even in my hometown, that I’ve moved away from, I would see deer all of the time. As a matter of fact, I remember that the year was 2009 and I had just gotten a brand new pickup truck a few months earlier. I enjoyed taking backroads to get to my girlfriends house, it was a quicker way to avoid all of the traffic. As one fateful night would have it, we were going to get some food when, all of the sudden, a deer appeared dead center in the road.

I had no choice but to force my foot down on the brakes, duck my head down, close my eyes, and hope for the best. I remember having my eyes closed and feeling the truck move, I thought for a second a car had rear ended us, it was that much of an impact. I didn’t want to but feared that I should open my eyes, to assess the damage. Happily, the deer only fell over lightly and was up and away from that truck in a seconds. No matter the damage that had happened to my vehicle, I know that accidents happen and was more concerned for the deer, who ended up fine. Needless to say nature can strike at any time, whether or not we are prepared for it. I don’t think that the deer was there to lift some weights but he still ended up crashing through the window of the Gold’s Gym. Thankfully, the gym was closed at time, leaving behind no chance of human injury and the deer was reported to be safe and sound after this wild incident. There is no doubt that the staff at this gym in South Carolina will always have a cool story to tell new employees.

Update on Sickness and How I’m Fighting Back

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I must apologize for being away for just a little bit, I have been very sick. Fortunately, I am recovering better than I have in the last week and wanted to speak to something close to my heart, (especially right now), how to recover from being under the weather, while being a weightlifter. It doesn’t seem like there should be more than rest and getting fluids as the best steps to getting over a cold but weightlifters are a special breed. For one, if we don’t eat while battling a sickness, we start to lose muscle, which is about the worst thing that could happen to someone whose hobby is to build muscle. After my sickness started, I had to walk a fine line between deciding if I should workout or spend another day under a blanket, watching game shows and soap operas. As it is critical when you feel great, keeping nutritious meals and beverages around will help speed up your recovery time. When I am sick, I like to have cans of chicken soup on hand, as well as fruit juices.

I stocked up on the frozen cans that are made from concentrate and they are great to have around when an illness hits you. I used to always have fresh juice in my refrigerator but I am bad with expiration dates, so I needed a way to freeze my juice for later use, which makes frozen juice perfect for me. Like me, you probably have a nice stash of different supplements in your home, but should you use any of them while you are sick. The biggie here is going to be anything with caffeine in it, avoid those items while sick. Having your body in a state where it feels like it needs to do more can lead to false hope that could only lead to your sickness lasting longer. Rest is very important, so I’d stay away from caffeine but I do have to toss out a mention of using BCAA’s while your are ill. Amino acids are great for keeping your immune system in tip top shape and there is no better time to have a good immune system than when you are already sick.

The Round Up of What to Take to Recover

If you have them on hand, multivitamins are awesome to have, as they can really help fight illness. Now, the jury is still out on just how effective multivitamins are when you are already sick but I figure that can’t make me feel worse. Most of the time, whether it be placebo or not, I have felt like I recover quicker when I am taking a daily multivitamin, as opposed to not using them at all. Furthermore, fish oil might seem like an oddball choice but achy muscles aren’t just associated with working out, sometimes, sickness can have you aching all over. To help fight muscle soreness that comes from coughing and being stuck in bed, a fish oil in the morning should help with all of that. Being sick while you are used to a strict weightlifting program can have you feeling down in the dumps but it doesn’t mean that you have to retire form weightlifting forever. Worse comes to worse, you may need one or two weightlifting sessions to bounce back from the strength that you lost but it happens so fast, you barely even notice the time that it took.

Signs of Overtraining Can Sneak Up Fast

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If you’ve been stepping up to the plate and are continuing exercise, you will likely not know if you are overdoing it. What it means to over train is different, depending upon the person. For instance, the idea of exercising too much for a 25 year old would not be the same as if we were talking about a 72 year old. As we all have our set limits, it sometimes takes a bad situation for one to realize that he or she may have not been giving themselves enough time to rest their muscles. Making this even more confusing, not all signs of too much exercise will be evident on the outside, we will get into that more in a second. Internally, using too many supplements or having poor nutrition are both two ways that your kidneys can become affected by simply overdoing it. One other symptom of overtraining is much more mild, which can be external bruising. I remembered that I had a long week ahead of me, during a brief time in my life, I had stay safenothing to do but train. I thought that the week that was laid out before me would be great for me but I didn’t expect it to be one of pain and agony. I woke up one morning to find that my upper arms had both turned a dark black color, with shade of purple in the middle. It didn’t long for me to realize that I must have bruised my arms, perhaps I had slept in an odd way? I took to looking up why my arms could barely move and was also trying to find some relief for the pain that was now shooting through both arms.

I knew that I didn’t lift any weights the day before, so you can imagine all of the scary thoughts that were running through my head about what had happened to me. In the middle of that very day, it suddenly hit me as to why my arms looked so bruised, I had started a new set of arm lifts that called for lifting heavy. I hadn’t properly prepared myself for how much heavier I was going with my curling and sure enough, my arms gave way, I just wouldn’t know about it until two days later. Besides having to cover my arms with a long sleeve shirt for a few days, I lucked out and didn’t have to end up getting any surgery, thank goodness. As it turns out, I really dodged a bullet with the bruised arms, as this can often lead to a muscle tear. If you have never torn a muscle, be thankful, as the process to heal one of these muscles can be costly and time-consuming.

Speaking of being snuck up on, another sign that you be in desperate need of a spotter would be if you ever feel lightheaded while you are working out. It is possible, when the adrenaline catches up to you, to start feeling dizzy and lightheaded. On more of the cosmetic side of things, if you aren’t lifting at a steady pace, you could notice that you end up with stretchmarks rearing their ugly heads. Men that lift weights deal with stretchmarks, just like women do, it isn’t just as often that it is talked about. Some men even take those stretchmarks as a sign that their muscles are growing.

Three Signs It is Time to Cycle Off Caffeine

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Quite possibly my favorite morning treat, I have to admit that I really love caffeine. I am afraid to wonder about how much of this energizer I consume throughout the course of a day, so I decided it was time to cut out the caffeine from my diet, for a little while. If you are a caffeine lover like I am, here are some signs that you may want to slow down on your caffeine consumption. The first sign that you need to take a tolerance break from caffeine would be if you’re noticing it takes more of your pre-workout to give you the energy it used to, this is a huge sign that a break would do you good.

Caffeine is an ingredient that it can become very easy to not just get addicted to, but also to overuse, which can lead to a high tolerance that will take some time to break. Yes, I’m not going to lie and tell you that completely cutting out caffeine in your life is going to be easy. One aspect of caffeine withdrawal that I usually get is a headache. If I’ve been busy and have gone 12 hours without caffeine, I can almost set my watch to a nasty headache coming to visit me. To guarantee that you don’t endure the pain of a no caffeine headache, I would suggest that you gradually reduce the amount of caffeine you intake per day, in order to make not having it in your life for a couple days that much easier.

For instance, if you normally drink 2-3 energy drinks a day, start cutting it back to two, then one, and the day before you quit caffeine, stick with beverages that are lower in caffeine, like a few cups of coffee or a couple sodas. The second sign that you should slow it down on the caffeine would be if you are starting to feel more anxious than normal. If you are usually calm and level headed, but since you’ve been using your pre-workout for a month, you could notice increased feelings of anxiety.

Now, anxiety can be a hard subject to pinpoint symptoms for, as it more of a feeling but you will know when you are experiencing it. Normally, when my anxiety starts to flare up more than normal, I notice that I am more irritable, pushy, and I worry more about silly things. Finally, if you are noticing that you feel nauseous and like vomiting after loading up your big batch of preworkout, you tolerance builder, than that would definitely be a sign to reduce caffeine. One of the instances that can happen when you overload on caffeine is vomiting, meaning your body is rejecting a substance that it is telling you it needs to get rid of.

How Do I Survive No Caffeine?

What is vital throughout your time without your favorite beverage additive is to keep yourself busy. I know that this information could be seen as vague but that is only because I don’t know what you personally like to do. If you love video games, go buy a new one. If you love to watch movies, get out into the world and spend all day at a movie theater. By keeping yourself always working on something, you will distract yourself from even thinking about caffeine. I would recommend that you take, at least, three days to really get that excess caffeine out of you. Here is some more helpful information on how to get through no caffeine, at this website.

Don’t Let Dehydration Keep You Down

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Have you had your eight glasses of water today? I haven’t either, I find it very tough to keep up with the ever changing requirements of how much liquid we all really need. I do know what can take place, if you are under your liquid intake requirements and that is called dehydration. It may seem weird to believe but you won’t always know when you need enough liquid but an easier way to find out is by learning to recognize the changes that your body undergoes when it is dehydrated. Before I go into the symptoms to watch out for, dehydration can cause serious repercussions to you, so always make sure that you have a drink nearby when it comes times to start sweating. The first indication that you dehydrated is if you find that your muscles are cramping more than usual.

You won’t be lucky enough to go through every bout of exercise in your life without a slight bit of cramping up. The next time you are viciously trying to massage a cramp away, realize that it could be caused by a simple lack of fluids. Be warned though that if the cramping doesn’t subside in a week or so, you could be undergoing something more serious, keep an eye on it. Another symptom of possible dehydration would be that muscles are pulsating, meaning that you can actually see them starting to move. I had an eye twitch that I thought was caused by stress but my doctor would later go on to tell me that it was only because I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated.

I only found that tidbit of information from my doctor, after dealing with the next symptom and not knowing the underlying cause. I used to go to the supermarket and fill my cart up with mostly beverages and little food. The kind of fluid obsessed shopping trip would only go down every other month or so but it always caused alarm for me. I could have pulled up to the parking lot, after sipping down a large drink, only to find that a beverage was all I had my mind on when I got my shopping cart. Having what I would consider borderline obsessed thoughts about downing my next bottle of water had me wondering if there wasn’t something beneath the surface that was causing me to feel like this. Saving what could be the most important symptom to watch out for and that would be fatigue. The usual fatigue that comes with an average day doesn’t mean that you should start trying to drink a bunch of water at once (that is never advised).

What you should be doing, if you feel fatigued, is to notice when these weakened sensations start to happen. If you are noticing that much of your fatigue is already occurring before you even get out of your car, more liquids could be the answer that you seek to find. There seems to be a belief that you are at higher risk for becoming dehydrated in the warmer months, which isn’t necessarily true. In colder months, you can be tricked, subconsciously, into thinking that you aren’t working up much of a sweat, when you could be nearing exhaustion. When the temperatures starts getting chilly, you shouldn’t be ditching the water so fast. I’ve mentioned water as the liquid that you will want to keep by your side, to fight against dehydration but sports drinks have been shown to work effectively, as well.