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Healthy Supplement Cycles

Don’t Let Dehydration Keep You Down

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Have you had your eight glasses of water today? I haven’t either, I find it very tough to keep up with the ever changing requirements of how much liquid we all really need. I do know what can take place, if you are under your liquid intake requirements and that is called dehydration. It may seem weird to believe but you won’t always know when you need enough liquid but an easier way to find out is by learning to recognize the changes that your body undergoes when it is dehydrated. Before I go into the symptoms to watch out for, dehydration can cause serious repercussions to you, so always make sure that you have a drink nearby when it comes times to start sweating. The first indication that you dehydrated is if you find that your muscles are cramping more than usual.

You won’t be lucky enough to go through every bout of exercise in your life without a slight bit of cramping up. The next time you are viciously trying to massage a cramp away, realize that it could be caused by a simple lack of fluids. Be warned though that if the cramping doesn’t subside in a week or so, you could be undergoing something more serious, keep an eye on it. Another symptom of possible dehydration would be that muscles are pulsating, meaning that you can actually see them starting to move. I had an eye twitch that I thought was caused by stress but my doctor would later go on to tell me that it was only because I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated.

I only found that tidbit of information from my doctor, after dealing with the next symptom and not knowing the underlying cause. I used to go to the supermarket and fill my cart up with mostly beverages and little food. The kind of fluid obsessed shopping trip would only go down every other month or so but it always caused alarm for me. I could have pulled up to the parking lot, after sipping down a large drink, only to find that a beverage was all I had my mind on when I got my shopping cart. Having what I would consider borderline obsessed thoughts about downing my next bottle of water had me wondering if there wasn’t something beneath the surface that was causing me to feel like this. Saving what could be the most important symptom to watch out for and that would be fatigue. The usual fatigue that comes with an average day doesn’t mean that you should start trying to drink a bunch of water at once (that is never advised).

What you should be doing, if you feel fatigued, is to notice when these weakened sensations start to happen. If you are noticing that much of your fatigue is already occurring before you even get out of your car, more liquids could be the answer that you seek to find. There seems to be a belief that you are at higher risk for becoming dehydrated in the warmer months, which isn’t necessarily true. In colder months, you can be tricked, subconsciously, into thinking that you aren’t working up much of a sweat, when you could be nearing exhaustion. When the temperatures starts getting chilly, you shouldn’t be ditching the water so fast. I’ve mentioned water as the liquid that you will want to keep by your side, to fight against dehydration but sports drinks have been shown to work effectively, as well.

Is A Cycle of All Chewable Supplements Possible?

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chewing timeI wanted to give this a try to see if an all chewable cycle was possible, I have read about all sorts of strange cycles that people all trying, in the name of looking better. We all read about how dangerous and harsh certain workout aids are so what about those that are chewable? Does it make any safer to use a product, if it isn’t something you have to drink down? I was curious about the formulation of all of these cool chewable supplements that have now made their way to the forefront of the fitness world. I decided that I need to figure out what my new chewable only cycle would consist of. I had to step it down, as far as strength was concerned because I knew that I wouldn’t be getting into anything too crazy here. For the first chewable that I decided would make it into this new month would be the Hica Max. Also known as leucic acid, this ingredient is amazing for retaining muscle that is gained through exercise. I knew that Hica Max had to be included as an important part of my new cycle because of how great it was for fighting of those catabolic times. You don’t want yourself to go into a state of catabolism because that is what will cause your gains to go right out the window. For anyone who needs to limit how much sugar they consume, you’ll be happy to know that Hica Max is proudly sugar free.

Next, I knew that I have been wanting to try one particular chewable for a long time and finally got a chance to test it out for myself, creatine chews. To be more specific, the creatine chewables made by Universal Nutrition have been something I’ve had my eye on. After hearing from my gym group about how effective they were and how much strength was being added on, I had to see if I could enjoy that same luck. The creatine chews, as well as the Hica Max, have all been super easy to take. When we are speaking of taking chewables, there really isn’t many steps to it and I’ve found that they are so much easier on my digestive system than beverages are.

Lastly, I knew that if I was going to be using these new workout aids that I would need something stored up to give me the energy that I would need. With hearing about so many energy drinks being bad for us, I wanted to choose something that would make me feel at ease with using it regularly. Deciding to go for something more wholesome, I have picked the Honey Stinger Organic Chews. With the energy chews priding themselves on being all-natural and organic, we won’t see any caffeine with this product. I think that it is for the best that these natural chews don’t have that one special get up and go ingredient because it does contain a lot of natural energy boosters.

Overall, I believe that I’ve created an effective enough chewable stack that will get me through the next two months. As always, I will continue to update you on my progress with this stack. I am curious to see just how much I will see, in the way of gains. I know that the three chewable supplements I have hand-picked are going to have me breaking any records but I always try to stay optimistic about that.

A Secret Strategy to Battle Overeating

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As a normal week rolls on, it’s easy to find yourself reaching for extra snacks. I often find myself fighting the urge, especially while watching TV or playing a game, to continuously stuff my face with as much food as I can get to it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that over eating is not good for you but when it comes down to determining ways to battle the urge to over eat, this is where things get a little murky. Telling someone to simply stop eating as much as they are used to is easier said than done. Also, without an outlet for those feelings that cause someone to over eat to go, they really don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

It’s no wonder that so many who struggle with over eating will continue to do just that, struggle, as there aren’t clear enough approaches set to help them out fully. Although it may sound like an oxymoron, one important aspect to help you become less willing to indulge in food is exercise. As our brains realize that we are taking steps to improve our bodies, it reacts accordingly. This reaction comes in the form of aligning our minds with making healthier food choices. Being the center of your body that remembers everything, it’s no doubt that the brain is not stupid. As we continue to improve ourselves through physical activity, the brain realizes this and helps us along.

When it comes to the physical aspect of exercise, we are burning more calories which therefore create a better overall eating too muchcomposition for us. If you find that you’re burning more calories then you’re consuming, no matter how many snacks you may reach for, you should still notice that weight will be lost. Exercising and reducing insulin go together like a hand in glove. Why reducing insulin is important for you and how it has to do with your eating habits is something that is taken care of through exercise. As our insulin levels lower, those messages that normally tell us to go reach for another snack will have been quieted down by quite a bit. It might seem like it’s near impossible to ever find that voice that tells you to start eating healthier.

I struggled, for the longest time, with matching the exercise that I was putting in to the food that I was ingesting. I learned the hard way that no matter how much weight you can lift, not having a proper diet can really set you back, in terms of both time and effort exuded. Instead of leaving behind months and years to failed development, like I did, start early on your particular training program. Coupling an effective exercise routine with a semi-good diet will have you miles ahead of the competition. I know that it is tough to even consider changing the way that you eat. For many, our food habits become a source of comfort in our lives, something that makes us feel good. However, you can still get more than enough enjoyment out of eating, it’s just making small changes. A big step in winning the fight for snack supremacy is to replace the foods that are in your pantry with healthier options. After all, the best offense is a good defense, as they say!

Resurrect PM: Has it Changed My Sleep Habits

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In the world of weightlifting, it’s a certainty that not all of us are getting the sleep that we need. With being so worried about what to eat and how much to lift, one of the most critical functions that we have seems to be falling by the wayside. Look, sleep is super important for every person, especially those who spend their weeks putting their body under physical stress. It’s easy to understand why people are sleeping less, with the stressors of real life, combined with so many obligations, it’s common for most of us to only average about six hours of sleep, per night. For those who can go on little to no sleep, they are the lucky ones.

For those of us, who feel that our quality of sleep is not on par with what we need to get up and take on the next day, this is who Resurrect-PM is made for. First, the old adage of getting eight hours of sleep per night, doesn’t always hold true. I’ve read more reports talking about how people should stick to the amount of sleep, in hours, that they are comfortable with. For instance, if you find that you are spending half of your night tossing and turning in bed, there is an issue happening here that is preventing you from getting that precious sleep that you need. I know that I would much rather get six hours of deep sleep, when compared to ten hours where I am up in misery, wishing for a good sleep state to hit me.

One aspect of missing out on sleep is that our minds are simply racing far too fast, worrying about the days and weeks ahead of us. If you have a big project that is due next week, chances are your brain isn’t going to be allowing you to get nine plus hours of sleep at night. Made with GABA, the Resurrect-PM has gained itself an ingredient that is in plenty of sleep support products out there. L-Ornithine is also used in this sleep enhancer of the Ronnie Coleman supplement line. Why I enjoy taking the L-Ornithine is because I find it to be great for helping me to grow extra muscle while I sleep.

For real muscle growth to occur, the sleep that you are getting needs to be of a deep kind. The REM cycle, as we all know, is amazing for getting us ready for the next day and releasing HGH while we sleep. When I test various cycles for the purpose of informing my awesome readers, certain combinations of supplements can really have me begging for some quality sleep. Think about it, when you are constantly trying out products loaded with energy raising stuff, the Resurrect-PM really lets me mellow out at night. The hustle of the real world is naturally going to have us all wishing that we could be getting more meaningful sleep at night. If you are naturally a heavy sleeper, once you begin to lie down, you may want to half your dosage for the Resurrect-PM. I found that, although I never once woke up feeling groggy, I was way down in a deep sleep state one some days. Adjust the dosage to what you find best matches your sleeping style. Also, enjoy getting easier gains, as a body that sleeps restfully is one that harbors massive muscles.

Secrets to A More Vascular You!

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It’s weird but I like to think of the veins I have as badges of honor. It puts me in a class above others, where I can see that my muscles are so out there, that they cause my veins to pop out. Not everyone is after the look of veins showing clearly around their muscles, while others are obsessed with it. I think that what helps to drive the obsession of if someone will be vascular or not it because many think it’s a mystery. I want to help unravel this mystery with practical tips that you can use right now to start attaining the vascular look that you want. It’s easy to believe that not many know where to even begin, when it comes to attaining true muscularity. The science behind it isn’t impossible to understand, you’ll need to have the least amount of fat possible, easier said than done.
If you are determined to become more vascular the first thing you’ll need to do is to start dropping fat. We all have veins that would make anyone envious, it’s just that not everyone can have them because their body fat percentage is too high. Once you start noticing that less fat is on you, you’ll start to see those blue lines show over the skin, those are your veins. I have found that it speeds up getting those veins to show, if you are lifting weights while working on fat reductions. By combining the previously mentioned two processes, the newly created muscle is going to cause the veins to be pushed to the surface.

Lastly, there is a video that I wanted to put up so that you can see other methods that I haven’t mentioned. First and foremost, I always want you, as a valued reader, to have many sources of information. There are nitric oxide supplements that have been made to also help in getting you to appear more vascular. I’ve tried various no supplements and, while most were junk, there were a couple that were awesome for helping to inflate my muscles. Getting veins that are bursting out of your arms is a great look that lets everyone know how committed you are to your weightlifting efforts, be proud of them!

DNA Testing Causing More Accurate Future Cycles

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Supplements have certainly battled through tough opposition and barely any regulation. It looks like those time will be nearing the end soon with the call for DNA testing on supplements. Made to provide more clarity to the consumer, this new testing would provide users with more accurate ingredient sources than the previous standards. A few companies are already wanting to get ahead of everyone else by putting their products on the forefront of this testing. Not all are welcoming this new change, some are even doubting it’s effectiveness. I would be all for clearer and truthful indications of what is in the supplements that I use. Apparently, confusion seems to be a big aspect of this testing, between companies and their testing results.

I wouldn’t expect that DNA barcode testing would be on an actual supplement that you would buy in the near future.14141book I wish that we could have harsher regulations put in place but the timetable for that is not my call to make. Instead, smarter minds than my own will surely have a future date set in place where stricter testing can begin on supplements. I’m also positive that the minds who are hard at work coming up with clearer representation and standards of what we ingest will come up with a system that pleases all parties involved. Problems have arisen with trying to make the newer DNA testing to become the norm. Hopefully, a middle ground will be found between those who need to ensure that companies are telling the truth, with regards to ingredient formulations. Considering that majority of smaller dosages of specific ingredients, I have to think about how long it would take these tests to actually be done. Keep in mind that many supplements out there are formed from a combination of numerous ingredient bases. It is when all of the ingredients are mixed together, that a supplement is formed. What most don’t know is that even a simple creatine supplement could be made up of many different, but lightly dosed ingredients. With all of the setbacks that DNA testing for nutritional products has encountered, there are very big names that do want to get in on this testing.

We’re not talking about mom and pop supplement companies, rather gigantic chains that want the public to know that they have nothing to hide, something I applaud. Only time will tell exactly how big of a filure new tests will be to the supplements that we all know and love. I fully expect to see some of my favorites not pass these tests, although I hope this isn’t the case for a large number of those products. Advancements in science can be made overnight, so don’t discredit what you think hearing this as sign of things to come for the future of the supplement industrty. Many things still have no final date of anything becoming mandatory. I’m sure that improvements to these tests are still being made behind closed doors. How would you feel about another new system of testing for the supplements that you use? I’ve planted my foot over where I stand about safer opportunities for the future. Even if I have to bring a pamphlet folded out to know what I’m taking, my view is that I wouldn’t mind the extra reading. If the labels lead to mass confusion, count me out, I guess we will see what happens.

Safest for Beginners: Keeping it Simple

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No one ever said that starting up a fitness program would be either easy or fun. Don’t fret, I’ve got a cycle to use that helped me out immensely, in the beginning. What’s great about this specific cycle is that we aren’t going to be taking anything harmful to the kidneys. The big man cycles are only made for those who know the risks and want to pursue them, regardless. I always advocate safety in all that I do, which is why this exact cycle is my all-time favorite. Of course, the first thing that you’ve got to have is protein. Whether you buy tubs of the powder, or prefer to get it all from food, it doesn’t change how essential this is for a good beginning cycle.

With no need to cycle off or use a PCT, it doesn’t safer than this. The next supplement that I would recommend would be a multivitamin, my favorite would be Animal Pak. While the intense looking graphics would have you thinking that you need something a little less potent, it shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions. One minor difference between the Animal Pak and other multivitamins is that the Pak will be a small baggie that has about ten different capsules in it, while others will just have one tablet. If you have any difficulty swallowing pills, yes it a real fear, I’d stick with the one tablet over the Pak.

No matter what you choose, having all of the vitamins (likely many you aren’t getting the required amount) is going to help in ways that you never imagined. Keeping this simple, I’m only going to add in one more supplement, and that is creatine. While the verdict is still out over exactly how safe it is to use, with reports of minor problems occasionally, I still implement creatine into my supplement regimen. There are mixed opinions about if you should even cycle off of creatine at all. I will take the rare month off of creatine, just so that it doesn’t stop up my natural production. If you didn’t know, your body does produce its own levels of creatine, just not as much as you would get with taking a supplement made from it. With only those three supplements, you won’t be breaking the bank and you’ll have an understanding of what, I think, all beginning lifters should be using. Nothing is without side effects, so here is what you may end up expecting, when using this cycle. With the protein powder, don’t use too much as one as that can cause stomach issues.

You Don’t Need Every Supplement Under the Sun

Combining protein with fish oil has been known to cause mild indigestion so you will want to keep an eye on that. Should you feel any discomfort that is so strong that it makes you not want to run this cycle, experiment with different brands to find the most suitable choice. In most cases, having an adverse reaction to a supplement is a hidden allergy that you never realized you had, due to not coming into contact with the ingredient for most of your life. Although this cycle would be great for those who are just starting up in the school of iron, don’t let the name fool you, professional gains are still coming up for you. There will always be time to try other supplements, when you feel you have reached that level. Until the day that you are more experienced arrives, build that critical base frame of muscle!

Update on An Odd Cycle: Ready for the Ending!

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Welcome back, everyone! I have been trying to do some Crossfit and the place I go to has started outdoor sessions. I’ve got to say that the sun has taken my stamina away, I also have another lingering problem, a bad sunburn. I hope that, by now, you are aware that you shouldn’t be lifting when you are sick. A few have said that, for them, there is nothing better for getting over an illness than to get moving, not true for me. Like many of you, when we are sick, rest always seems to be the best healing you can get. When you have a sunburn, the decision that you made is of your own thinking, do you miss a workout, when you were perfectly capable of doing it? On the other end of the spectrum, do you go ahead and lift, knowing that sweat and friction are terrible company for a sunburn. I fell into the latter camp, when I decided to man up and go on lifting looking like a lobster.

Needless to say, I got about ten minutes into the workout before I packed it up for the day (also the rest of the week). I faced tingling pain and each drop of sweat felt like lava, as it crossed down my back, which was even more red, due to blood flowing to the surface of my skin. I know there will be a few of you cringing in your seat when I tell you that what I drank before I lifted had beta alanine in it. The one part of a preworkout that causes tingling of the skin and I, like an idiot, had mixed that with a terrible sunburn. As far as the progress of my end of summer cycle, I’m not that impressed.

I was looking to mainly gain some more mass, while I’m still on my summer diet. I’ve been doing great with learning to accept what has now become bland times of the day to eat the same food, not to fear, winter will be here soon enough and I can bulk again. I’ve got three different supplements in this cycle, two for cutting and a strength increasing product, I’ll leave it at that. Anyways, the workouts have been combining crossfit and my usual style of lifting, it’s becoming to be a bit bothersome. I’ve not combined different elements of fitness before and the dance we have been interwined in has been an awkward one.

When the weather permits, I have been spending the weekends by the lake, getting some much needed fresh air. When you are on a computer as often as I am, you have got to make some time to get outdoors, it really has to be experienced on a nice day. I would say that, being three weeks in, I have gained a little over an inch around my arms. Astonishingly, my legs have seen the best treatment, growing about three inches of lean mass. It could be that the summer weather, with it’s near record high temperatures has just got me burned out. I have always had difficulties with cutting weight, finding it much more easy (and fun) to pack it on! I’ll be back with another update, as this cycle is growing closer to the last leg. I’m looking forward to giving it 110% the second that I step back into the lifting zone!

Did Organ Shield Block Out Toxins?

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I don’t want to make this seem like a medical class but we’ve got to speak about an important thought to consider, the next time you workout. Is what you are using, to get big, doing more harm than good? Cycles and how to effectively stay on them without causing damage is what I’m well versed in. Post cycle supplements are made to help take out the watching and waiting of if your cycle is going to turn on you. You don’t have to spend much time looking at supplement news, without hearing so many negative pieces being written. While I won’t sit here and defend manufacturers, you should be doing your part to realize what you’re getting into, when you stray off the protein and fish oil path of everyone else.

One organ that is the unfortunate target of most of the damage that supplements will do to you will be the liver. The very important liver organ is responsible for carrying out the toxins and other nasty materials out of the body, however, it can only do its job so fast. If you start out some crazy stack that is 900 times stronger than anything you’ve ever seen, or whatever it is they are trying to tell us to push their products, nowadays. Anyways, when you start stacking products and taking large quantities of supplements, the liver becomes stuck into a backlog. When your liver can’t get rid of the toxins, as fast as they are coming in, it’s not good. Keeping harmful substances stuck in your liver can irreversibly damage you, this is why PCTs were invented, to give that liver some more cleaning power.

In the past, I’ve used milk thistle, when I needed to gain weight for a competition but didn’t know how good of a cleanser it was. Purus Labs, the creators of Organ Shield included milk thistle due to how effective it is at helping maintain a healthy functioning liver. A couple of you had spoke of how you started Organ Shield right before your cycle was to end, ensuring that it would be in the bloodstream at a crucial time. I understand the reasoning behind changing up the time, adhering it to your schedule, I like to start the Organ Shield right at day 1 of my cycles end. To say that this shielding all-star only helps your liver, would be to do it an injustice. Your cardiovascular system is made up of thousands of moving parts and each piece can get just as run down as a liver can, over time. I used the Organ Shield to ensure that my heart, liver, and any cell in between would be well-protected after I finished a particularly harsh cycle and there were no bad effects felt by me.


Pulse vs Normal Cycling: Which is Best?

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We can’t write about how to effectively cycle the supplements you use, without talking about pulse cycling. You see, normal cycling will often go by what the maker has on the label. Some makers will display recommended dosages that are strong, made to make the product seem like it is very effective. What you won’t be told about the normal cycle is that you will also carry a higher risk of hurting your liver. Not content to make yourself sick, someone came up with pulse cycling and it changed the way formulations were created. When you are taking up the pulse variation of a cycle, you will want to decrease the milligrams for the entire cycle’s duration. Before you are totally convinced to switch over to pulse cycling, with the lower risk of harm will come with it, less than stellar results.

stepping it up

If a normal cycle that I was running called for using 25 mg, as one day’s usage, pulse cycling may call for you to drop that initial dosing to only 5 mg. By the time that the month has ended, you don’t have to keep the cycle going into the next thirty days and will still have to end use of the supplement. A cycle that runs over the necessary duration of use guidelines will always take their safety into their own hands. Not only for those who are scared, smarter lifters are using pulse cycles to lessen damage to themselves, never a fear I would poke fun at. The mindset that causes someone to want to pulse their cycle, instead of running it at a slightly faster pace, may never be satisfied.

To put it another way, if you want badly to pulse what you are ingesting, you could find avoiding the cycle more suitable. Not every person can deal with the commitment of being dedicated that a cycle requires. I prefer the normal cycle, which will vary on what I take but going all in will show me that I tried to put the most into my program. I can’t justify pitching in an arm and leg for some of these stacks, knowing that I used too little, leaving me set for disappointment. I tried to see what I could learn about, regarding public opinion on pulse vs normal cycling, unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with much besides various arguments.

I suppose that neither cycling method is going to win over all of us, this is one instance where cycling your supplements may not ever have a definitive timetable. Another method that can be used is to stick with normal cycles, for less potent substances, while only utilizing pulse cycling on the heavy duty supplements. If you never pulsed what you ingest, you will not increase the likelihood of side effects, it’s worth trying if you choose to. Once you accept that you won’t be gaining much, in the way of muscle, the peace of mind that comes with playing it safe can alleviate that pain. The more substances that will be used at once, helps to determine the length of cycle that you will need to use. When in doubt, always ask around reliable sources to find out detailed cycle information from users who can tell you what went well and where they went wrong. Starting out an efficient cycle could take some adjusting of a plan but once you start one, you could wind up excitedly awaiting the next one.