Healthy Supplement Cycles
Know the facts before you take the risks!

My Current Progress with Using Blockade

April 20th, 2016

Post cycle supplementation is a crucial way to avoid dealing with the potential life-threatening side effects of a bad cycle. Not doing enough to ensure that your body properly recovers from the harsh battering it takes when using hormones isn’t something that is lost on professional bodybuilders. There are different supplements that you can use for post-cycle nutrition, one of which is called Blockade. I have to admit, the main reason that I first began using this supplement was its price.

I was getting tired of having to shell out upwards of fifty bucks, just to protect my muscle gains. As you know, spending a good amount on a stack is already damaging enough, without throwing in the extra you have to spend to keep that muscle. Being that this one retailed for thirty bucks had peaked my interest, the ingredients were what finally tipped me over the edge to get it. Supporting not just your muscles, but your blood pressure and joints, there is so much good that Blockade does for your body.

One of those ingredients is Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is a key ingredient in organ protection. Everyone always worries about what compounds can do to your liver, why not protect every organ at the same time? With widespread issues of side effects derailing a weightlifter’s life in an instant, having a good post cycle product in your corner is never a bad thing. If you want to try something that is, what I would call, the most innovative cycle support out there, this is for you. Be smart and protect your organs, so that you can keep shattering those personal records and live your life as a complete beast.

Remember to look at the video in this post, as it has additional product information, if you choose to give it a view. This video is from a supplement shop online that I frequent, as they always have awesome new supplements coming in. Blockade will do an amazing job at keeping you healthy, while you should try to stray away from the harsher supplements, this support will ensure that you don’t have the amount of side effects as you would normally.

An Early Misstep that Messed Up My Cycle

April 13th, 2016

When I first starting cycling supplements, I made a critical mistake, like some beginners do. I had a friend that knew more about working out and what to use than I did. He took me under his wing and was going to teach me what did and did not need to be cycled. First, I would run a lower intensity version of the products that he was using and we were going to take it from there. Being the first time that I had really started to actually use something like this, I was very nervous. When I get extremely nervous, my hands will shake uncontrollably. It isn’t anything that is real drastic but it becomes enough to affect how steady I can hold onto something.

As fate would have it, after our workout, me and my friend went off to the locker room to officially start my first cycle. As I began to get everything together, my nerves were off the charts and trying to hold a glass container was a challenge. When I needed to have my hands cooperate with me and be steady, they failed me. Before I really knew what was going on, I heard glass shatter. Not dropping onto the hard tile floor, the crash came from my accidentally breaking the small bottle in my hand. Right away I felt a surge of pain go through my hand, which was now a semi-closed fist. My friend heard the noise as well and whipped around, fearing for the worst. I looked down at my hand, just like smashing a bug, I knew that I had to look to see the damage. My hand now had a decent sized cut and blood was starting to trickle down. Before, I got a detailed look at my hand, I wiped off all of what was in the vial.

I was already dumb enough to break the one thing that I needed to keep in one piece, I wasn’t about to have such a large amount enter my blood through a cut. After getting myself all bandaged up and once my friend stopped laughing at me, I had to re-evaluate what I wanted to do. After being so embarrassed about my humble beginnings, I came back to cycling again with a different mindset. I also ended up getting something for my nerves, to help steady my hands for the future. I know that my total nerd move would end up teaching me an important lesson about shaky hands.

The Moment the Truth was Revealed

Later on that night, I sitting at the table with some friends enjoying a nice dinner. Like the old movies, one friend saw my hand and asked why it looked the way that it did. For some reason, I had not thought to take the time to prepare an answer to this question and had to come clean. There was a good amount of awkward silence before everyone got back to eating. Everyone was being cool about it and didn’t seem like anyone was too offended by the life that I had chosen to live. What I had thought was going to be the end of my world had ended up being turned into a funny dinner conversation. I am proud to say that I learned a lot from making such a big mistake and have never had any incident like the previously mentioned one repeat itself.

Bone Strength Not Tied to Exercise But Supplements Can Help

April 5th, 2016

It is no big secret that working out generally helps your body. However, there are some new reports being released that suggest it might not help out every single part, namely your bones. This is something that isn’t a huge shock to me. Of course, I knew that exercising helps you to drop bad weight and gain good weight, which is muscle. Even though working out isn’t the great help to your bones that some had thought it was, there are supplements that you can take to help improve your bones. I wanted to list a couple of them, along with cycle information.

The most important and least harmful of all of your options for bone health would have to be calcium. You don’t want to get too much of this ingredient, but it’s definitely important to have some form of calcium in your diet. Since this is an ingredient in many foods and drinks (milk), you don’t have to really worry about cycling this one. As long as you don’t go too overboard with how much calcium you get, you should be just fine.

The next one would be a good multivitamin, there is going be tons of stuff in there that will help to protect your bones and keep them nice and strong. My only advice would be to watch out and check how much calcium will be in the multivitamin. I say this because you don’t want to have a situation where you are taking the maximum amount of calcium from your supplement and then risk taking too much from the extra calcium in your multivitamin.

To be on the even more cautious side, I would recommend using either a multivitamin or a calcium supplement, not both at the same time. Even though some might be shocked to learn that bones don’t really get strengthened through exercise alone, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t supplements to cycle that can still help out your bones.

If you want to really ramp up repairing your valuable bones, consider implementing some stretches into your daily routine. Oftentimes what we learn as bone pain or noises coming from them, can be caused by muscles that are out of place. Don’t worry, you can stop imagining muscles that have fallen off the bone, it is nothing that drastic. There are a multitude of stretches you can do in your home that will help to give those aching bones some relief. Try out various stretches that target different muscle areas, if the pain and cracking sounds go away, you have yourself a winner. Always make sure that if you feel any weirdness, or the cracking and popping sounds start, stop stretching immediately.

bone systemIf you haven’t, you could always try going to a yoga class. I have known people that have said yoga took care of all of their back issues, which started with a disc being out of place. From there, this guy would continuously go to a yoga class, once a week, for about two months. Gradually, he began noticing that his minor limp had slowly started to go away. It wasn’t too long before his back issue went away, almost entirely. Yoga isn’t for everybody and I understand that. Try using the supplement that I talked about and doing some stretches but always speak with a doctor before taking any of these steps, safety first! At least now you can stop fretting over feeling the need to cancel that gym membership, you can still do plenty of good for yourself there.

What Cycles Should You Implement for Spring?

March 28th, 2016

It is getting warmer outside, that means that springtime is on its way! Toss aside that big pile of coats that you have been in for the past few months. With the temperatures rising, you won’t have that big jacket to hide behind for much longer. With that in mind, it is time to start thinking about how to shed some of that winter weight that you have accumulated. If you want an easier method to get shredded, I have put together some cycles that I would recommend trying out, instead of running a track for the foreseeable future. You can beat the crazy diets and fanatic cardio days, while you get ready for summertime. Start now, as spring is here, and beat the crowd getting ready to start on obtaining that beach body. If you start a cycle now, made just for the spring months, you will thank yourself later.

Now that you are going to be dressed in something of the shorter sleeve variety, eliminating fat while adding another layer of muscle will be the top priority. To do this, I would start using a fat burner. As far as these supplements go, cycle time will vary depending upon what you use. As a rule of thumb, most of these burners are going to want to be ran for a month, at least. Using a fat burning supplement longer than you are supposed to could lead to a dependency on caffeine. That feeling of completing tasks in less time is one that is hard to want to lose but you will need a stimulant break after a month or two. This break gives you a chance to use your own natural energy sources, even though they might not be as intense as what you got from a supplement, it will still get the job done.

You will be tempted to want to use the supplement in question the whole year but this can wear out your natural production of energy. You will often see this kind of break referred to as a stim break. I find it best to gradually wean myself off of the caffeine. For instance, if you normally took three capsules, gradually decrease that amount over the course of your last week of using these supplements. This way, you also won’t have to deal with a large amount of caffeine in your system dropping from a high amount to nothing, all of the sudden. Speaking from experience, this drop nearly exhausts you. You will go from feeling like you are on top of the world, to the world feeling like it is resting on your shoulders.

Replacing those worktime snacks with healthier meal replacements bars would be another option. Best of all, these kind of bars require no cycling of any sort, they can be consumed year round with no problems. Having these laying around, whether it be in a suitcase or your pocket, can be the difference between a flat stomach and a pudgy one. That pretty much sums it up, the journey to being ready for the coats to stay in the closet can be an easy one. Provided you grab a supplement to shred you up and have some ready to drink supplements, you will be looking like winter has never happened. With holidays, family, and big meals, you don’t have to keep paying for all of that around your waistline.

Refrain from Cycling Off Carbs: Here is Why

March 22nd, 2016

As many continue to find new ways to stay trim, one piece of misinformation continues to plague the world. Carbohydrates, within the past fifteen years, have turned into something to shy away from. With all of the fad diets out there, it is no wonder that many are keeping carbs out of their diet, at all costs. Adding more confusion would be those that choose to cycle the carbs that they ingest. There is a growing number of you who only have peak times where they allow themselves anything starchy. I can’t fathom this because, even though they have been made to be the enemy, carbohydrates are your friends. I am a big believer in everything in moderation and carbs are no exception. It is perfectly fine to have some bread in your meals; just as long you aren’t making it a big portion of the meal.

Don’t Lose an Entire Food Group, just Parts of it!

It may stun people but even candy can be allowed in what you eat, provided that you aren’t gorging yourself on every Snickers bar that you come across. I would be a fool to say that reducing intake of carbohydrates won’t make you look any better, it definitely will reduce some fat from you. However, even though you might look like a million bucks, you are still leaving crucial nutrients on the dinner table by not consuming any carbs. One thing that lack of carbs can do to you is to leave you feeling exhausted. By choosing one of those diets that have made anything with bread in it, you are depleting a vital energy source from your diet. If you have ever tried one of those type of diets, this is why you end up feeling more tired once the new eating plan starts.

Along with feeling more run down, crankiness is another common reason most of those diets lose steam, in the minds of the dieter. Not everybody wants to end up being a mean person, in the name of losing weight. This newfound ability to get agitated easily comes more from what your internal organs are telling you than anything else. When the body, all of the sudden, stops getting its own source of fuel, it is going to let you know loud and clear.  To best determine how to keep carbs in your life, without cutting them out completely, gradually lower foods high in carbohydrates. By doing this, you will know your limits of reduction without eliminating a whole food group in such a drastic fashion.

carb chart

As far as food choices go, you will want to stick with more wholesome carbohydrate sources like breads and pastas. This way, you are stacking the carbohydrates that you get with other minerals that you need for the day. If you get your carbs from the junk food section, you will be adding higher fat and cholesterol levels into your diet, only making you appear fatter. Don’t let everything you read go to your head, carbs are not the monster that they are made out to be. Allowing you to have energy and feeding your muscles, please do not completely rule out carbohydrates from your diet. You could see your stomach flattening out day by day but your brain will let you know the mistake that you are making. Take it from someone who has done it, removing an essential food group from your life will only bring about a more angry and tried version of yourself.

Review of VMI Sports Awesome New Guard

March 11th, 2016

vmi sportsI came across something that I could use for when my current stack that I am running will end. It is called Cycle Guard and is made by VMI sports. One thing that struck me about this supplement was just how cheap it is. It retailed for about 22 bucks where I got it from, much lower than other PCT’s that I have come across. What I have noticed was how concerned this manufacturer was with ensuring most of what makes up Cycle Guard was natural. I don’t know about all of you but I feel safer knowing that there are things in what I take that are known to me. If you think that, this being cheaper, it will not stand up with the more thorough post-cycle supplements out there, you will be happy to be proven wrong. Containing NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine), which can protect your liver against all kinds of harmful toxins. NAC works to from a bond with these toxins and expedites them leaving your system. This substance has been used in many different forms of medicine throughout history. It is usually administered when someone suffers from serious chest or liver problems. Having this contained within Cycle Guard is like having an ace in the hole. Along with the awesome NAC compound, you can also find Kudzu Root in this supplement. Dating back to nearly thousands of years ago, Kudzu has long been a fix for high blood pressure and soothing pains that come with everyday illnesses. Known as a cure-all from everything from the flu to stomach pain, Kudzu (specifically the root) is essential for any PCT worth using.

With some great anti-cancer cell properties, turmeric root is another ingredient that makes up VMI Sport’s new post supplement one of the best ones that I have tried. Enough with all of the talk about ingredients, this is all useless if you don’t know if it really helped me or not. This compound and its ability to keep me healthy and pain-free was enough to make me be glad that I grabbed some of it. Beyond that, I ended my harsh cycle and was still able to keep about 80% of the lean muscle that I acquired. I went to go and get a check-up and both myself and my doctor were happy to see all levels of toxins were way down, compared to my lab work that I got a month prior to that. With a clean bill of health, I was so relieved that I went and pigged out at my favorite local restaurant, we all have to reward ourselves sometimes, right?I didn’t really tell the doc what all I had been using. I had made that mistake once before and spent the better part of an hour getting lectured about my supplement use. Look, I know that most of what we take to look the best that we can, that most of what is out there is semi-expensive. If you are already drained from what stack you are using, Cycle Guard really comes in handy. Cleaning all of the not-so-good stuff from your vital organs, you will also save a bundle. I have not been able to find anything that can match the combination of quality and safety like this supplement did. Hold on to those gains, clean out your system, and enjoy more overall health by heading out and grabbing this guard.

Understanding What Makes up A Macro and Microcycle

March 5th, 2016

periodizationLet’s get a little bit technical here. Periodization training is not a term that everyone knows about, yet the ones who do are getting the most out of their training. It is perfectly okay to be a fitness geek, we are most often the ones who know our bodies better than anyone else. Even better, being this way will lead to quicker improvements. If you take some time to understand the types of cycles that you need to follow, in order to ramp up the speed at which you put on muscle. Beginning with a macrocycle, this is going to be the big picture of your entire set of workouts for about a year. In this year, you should set aside some goals and design your macrocycle to better help you achieve those goals. This can be anything from wanting to gain a certain amount of pounds to fitting into those new outfits for a warmer season. Regardless of what you want more than anything, sticking with a good periodization technique will get you where you need to be a lot faster than just chasing your tail.

A microcycle, is just a shortened version of a macrocycle. To better put this into perspective, you will spend about one to two months in a microcycle. Once you begin to switch what you are training after those first months have passed, you will start a whole new microcycle. As more of the smaller cycles begin to add up over the course of a year, you will have then completed our macrocycle. How and what you will train over the course of time, will be entirely up to you. As long as you are changing up your techniques ever so often, you force your body to adapt to the new changes.

Finding Your Own Groove is Important

Should your own program that you come up with start doing more harm than good, here is how to recognize what could be going wrong. First, if you are lifting consistently, using a good supplement regimen, and are still not noticing anything really going on, you could be undertraining. Common signs of undertraining will be: no soreness combined with a lack of growth. This is an easy one to fix, gradually increase the amount of work that you do. If you line everything up just right you will end up in the second part, think of this as a happy median. You are putting your body under enough stress for it to learn and adapt, as far as muscles go. Pushing yourself too hard will lead to overexertion, when we talk about this final option, there really is no good things to be said about it. Doing too much and not giving yourself enough rest leads to a huge list of potential bad things that could happen to you and your body. Pulls, sprains, and breaks are just a few of the jams that you could get yourself caught up in when you don’t know when to call it a day.

There are many different strength training programs that will sing the praises of a good periodization techniques. Long hailed by amateur lifters and professional strongman alike, planning a good strategy of both macro and microcycles is the cornerstone to any successful weightlifting routine. Without forcing those muscles to adapt to new changes, you will be stuck in a cycle of diminishing gains.

Update on Injury Suffered Last Weekend

February 25th, 2016

It looks like the old injury creature has caught up to me. I was performing some weighted dips last weekend, when I felt something pop. Things didn’t seem too bad, other than being visibly shaken up, I lowered the weight I was using and moved on to another set of muscles to work. That night, I was able to go to sleep and everything looked fine, until about 3 am. It was around that time that I felt a tingling go up my left shoulder. I had figured that it was just part of me falling asleep, you know the pins and needles feeling that comes with it. Finally laying my head back down on the pillow, what was mild tingling grew to a mildly nagging pain in the same area of my shoulder. Through some small miracle, I fell asleep through the aching and awoke the next morning.

healingashoulderThings took a turn for the more serious, when I was brushing my teeth, of all times. As I was just about done brushing, the pain in my shoulder hit me like a baseball bat. What was once easy to ignore was getting out of hand and making me think, as each moment passed, that I would need a professional opinion over what I could do to alleviate this series of bad events. I know that I was beginning to pile a strenuous workload on myself that, I feared, could end up starting to wear me down. After seeing my go to guy for any muscle issues, he told me to decrease how often I am exercising and to take a bit of time away from working out. The picture to the left was how I felt when I heard the news.

To tell this to someone like me, has to be a tough thing to do. I have always been known for being stubborn, sometimes to a fault. After talking to my girlfriend for a while about the orders I had received, she was with the doc and told me to take it easy, no matter what. Even though I have to stray from my beloved bench for a little bit, no major changes will be taking place. I have always bucked change, when I felt it was the right thing to do. There will always come a time where you learn that what you thought was right, in your heart, is not always what you should do. I, too, have had to eat some humble pie recently, and I have to say, that I don’t really enjoy the taste. If it keeps me injury-free going into the rest of this year, I will keep coming back for seconds. Reflecting on the wild weekend that I had, if you feel that anything is bothering you, have it checked out. By avoiding getting anything looked at by someone who knows how to diagnose these pains, you only risk making an avoidable injury something that requires much more effort to get taken care of.

This lesson sinks in even more when I look at my own situation. I could have shrugged off the initial tingling and pain as growing pains. The crucial mistake here is that by telling myself that I know my body better than anyone else, I could have needed countless amounts of surgeries. If the injury had gotten worse, what was a quick and easy trip down the road could have led to months in a hospital bed. Your body can tell you some amazing things, don’t be stupid and not listen when it does.

Things to Remember Before Your First Cycle Starts

February 19th, 2016

Before you go and start unwrapping that latest and greatest stack that you just got, give this a once over first. There are things, perhaps you could call them unwritten rules, that you want to have in place before you untwist that cap. Sit tight and go over a few things with me to make sure that you are going to be starting your very first cycle the smart way. First, I hope that you have prepared yourself and have some experience in getting yourself primed for a cycle. What I mean by this is that you have at least started to get your diet and exercise schedule in place. Yes, I did mention diet in there because running a cycle will not make drastic changes, if you aren’t putting the right food into your body. An analogy I like to use is to think of your body as a car. The stack that you just picked up will be like a new engine, for this example. If you just got your car a nice new engine, would you want to put the wrong kind of gasoline in it? No, gasoline is the food that you take in since it is what keeps you going throughout the day. Bad food will lead to a bad cycle, it is as simple as that.

If you are obese, you will need to lose some weight before you get anywhere close to using a cycle. I don’t want that to be taken the wrong way, I have nothing at all against larger people. I say all of this, so that you do not endanger yourself by getting into something that you are not ready for. Higher cholesterol and blood pressure numbers will most likely take place, someone with numbers that are too high shouldn’t do anything to make those numbers higher.

You also want to make sure that have some kind of gym schedule in place. Make this a schedule that is flexible enough for you to follow through, in case you get sidetracked. If you are a morning person, take that time and go to the gym. Knocking out a workout before your workday gets going sounds miserable but it is one of the best feelings. Having such a major thing knocked off of your list frees up your nights and makes for an easier workday to get through. If you are a night owl, don’t be afraid to workout in the evening. I wouldn’t say to workout right before bed because your body releases chemicals that will keep you awake. Adding to that, anything you take during your cycle could interfere with your sleep, if used before bed. Not having a workout plan, or previous experience in weightlifting, will add extra time onto your cycle that you don’t have to waste with beginner stuff.

Lastly, don’t go into this thinking that you are going to come out of it in the best shape you will ever be again. Any muscle that you gain from a cycle will have to be maintained, in order to keep it. Think of a cycle as a way for you to level up in real life. If you play any kind of games, even when you level up, you will still face new challenges. Running a supplement cycle is no different, those gains won’t last forever, unless you keep pushing forward.

ArimePCT Stage by EPG An All-Time Favorite

February 11th, 2016

The after effects of not being prepared for when a cycle of something ends is terrible. You see all of that time and effort fly right out of the window. If you have read around, you know that, I believe, having the right post-cycle supplement ready to go is very important. Even more important than that, is choosing the right one, there are a ton of other ones out there that just don’t match up to the greatest selections. ArimePCT is one of those PCTs that I always find myself coming back to, I trust it, to be honest. I think that the trust that I feel in this product is rightly deserved because of how consistently well I have found it to always work.

So many concentrate on where their estrogen levels are, that they forget about what it literally keeping them upright, their organs. During anytime thatpct is armite you are using something that is harder on the body, your organs will be working harder than they have before. The best analogy that I have for this, would be to imagine a clean house. Whenever you are using anything that alters how your body produces muscle, you are now throwing a big party. Now, picture that while this party is happening, more and more people start showing up. You wake up after the party is over and now you have a messy house. This is where PCTs are so useful because they are what cleans up your organs (like the house analogy) after the party is over.

You will need to rid yourself of the buildup that will have most likely taken place with the use of certain supplements. Containing the all too important Androst 3, worrying about any kind of differentiation within your hormones won’t be something that you need to worry about. Grape seed extract is in this one as well, which is always great for keeping men healthy everywhere. Any PCT that is worth its weight, needs to have something that will raise, or at least, keep testosterone where it needs to be. We are talking about some really strong ingredients here to lay the foundation for a complex created solely to raise testosterone through the roof. Ok, maybe not anything that high, but it will keep those numbers in check and that is what you really want to focus on.

I know that it has been said before, but milk thistle is an extremely important addition to a PCT. Here, with ArimePCT, we have it making up their liver support complex with a blend of this super ingredient, along with N-Acetyl Cysteine. Called NAC for short, N-Acetyl Cysteine is responsible for getting the toxins out of those organs effectively. For reasons I am not sure I like hearing about, NAC is great for removing metals, like mercury from the organs as well. I am kind of feeling my body ache writing that last part, ouch!

PCT is one of the most important elements of anyone who is smart about the way that they workout. EPG has continued to produce one of the best out there and that would be ArimePCT. With so many different aids to making sure you recover from and keep muscle from using a harsher supplement, this one has seriously been loaded up with everything that you need.