Healthy Supplement Cycles
Know the facts before you take the risks!

ArimePCT Stage by EPG An All-Time Favorite

February 11th, 2016

The after effects of not being prepared for when a cycle of something ends is terrible. You see all of that time and effort fly right out of the window. If you have read around, you know that, I believe, having the right post-cycle supplement ready to go is very important. Even more important than that, is choosing the right one, there are a ton of other ones out there that just don’t match up to the greatest selections. ArimePCT is one of those PCTs that I always find myself coming back to, I trust it, to be honest. I think that the trust that I feel in this product is rightly deserved because of how consistently well I have found it to always work.

So many concentrate on where their estrogen levels are, that they forget about what it literally keeping them upright, their organs. During anytime thatpct is armite you are using something that is harder on the body, your organs will be working harder than they have before. The best analogy that I have for this, would be to imagine a clean house. Whenever you are using anything that alters how your body produces muscle, you are now throwing a big party. Now, picture that while this party is happening, more and more people start showing up. You wake up after the party is over and now you have a messy house. This is where PCTs are so useful because they are what cleans up your organs (like the house analogy) after the party is over.

You will need to rid yourself of the buildup that will have most likely taken place with the use of certain supplements. Containing the all too important Androst 3, worrying about any kind of differentiation within your hormones won’t be something that you need to worry about. Grape seed extract is in this one as well, which is always great for keeping men healthy everywhere. Any PCT that is worth its weight, needs to have something that will raise, or at least, keep testosterone where it needs to be. We are talking about some really strong ingredients here to lay the foundation for a complex created solely to raise testosterone through the roof. Ok, maybe not anything that high, but it will keep those numbers in check and that is what you really want to focus on.

I know that it has been said before, but milk thistle is an extremely important addition to a PCT. Here, with ArimePCT, we have it making up their liver support complex with a blend of this super ingredient, along with N-Acetyl Cysteine. Called NAC for short, N-Acetyl Cysteine is responsible for getting the toxins out of those organs effectively. For reasons I am not sure I like hearing about, NAC is great for removing metals, like mercury from the organs as well. I am kind of feeling my body ache writing that last part, ouch!

PCT is one of the most important elements of anyone who is smart about the way that they workout. EPG has continued to produce one of the best out there and that would be ArimePCT. With so many different aids to making sure you recover from and keep muscle from using a harsher supplement, this one has seriously been loaded up with everything that you need.

Should You Cycle for 4 or 8 Weeks?

February 1st, 2016

It is human nature that we, as men and women, will tinker with something that is ours. No matter whether it be a remote that doesn’t work right or what we use to increase our muscles, we all have a system that works best for us. While this works great for finding your destination, this is not something that is a good idea when we speak of cycles. One fact can really help to make your decision in this matter, but you might not like the answer that you get. When deciding between a 4 week cycle of a supplement, or an 8 week one, think about how good you can be at keeping a consistent schedule. If you are going to really commit to using something for eight weeks, not skipping any days will be a must. If you think that you might be more inclined to forget a day or two of taking what you need, you might be better suited being on a shorter cycle. If you do happen to miss a day, don’t panic, but don’t make it a habit. When you don’t take what is used to being in your system, you lessen all of the help that it is supposed to give you! As less and less of what you chose is going to your muscles, you could end up only working back to where you were a day or two before. When people say that something didn’t work for them, I often wonder how many days they missed of ingesting a supplement, only to write it off as ineffective.

Something else that I would consider, would be, if this is your first time using what you are going to take. If you have never used a strength raiser, I would start with a four week cycle, to see how your body reacts to it. There will always be unseen risks of using anything for the first time, don’t be locked in to two months of something for the first time, just in case. It is better to have a short but good cycle instead of a long and daunting 8 weeks with something that you don’t like.

From the tame to the extremely dangerous, I have read and listened to each person tell me something different when it came to needing to cycle the supplements that they took. Some people would swear by doing a split of one week taking something, and then skipping it for an entire week. The person who told me that last cycle had actually stopped lifting weights altogether shortly after this, go figure! If you have no experience with some of the harder hitting supplements out there, just start with a smaller cycle. If you can’t decide which cycle to use, there are steroid replicating supplements that can be used for either four or eight weeks, I found them here:

Although we all might feel the need to adjust things to be more comfortable by us, that isn’t always the best solution. When making the dedicated commitment to obtain something that gives you an easier path to getting buff, take it seriously and don’t be lazy with your routine. One of the biggest ways to waste everything that you are doing, is to skip supplements or workouts altogether! For those of you who are disciplined, enjoy your cycle and keep pushing yourself to a better you!


Keep Better Track of What Makes Up Your Cycle

January 19th, 2016

Throughout the time that I have spent talking to my fans here, I still see that there is some general confusion in the world of cycles. One thing that can become so confusing will have to do with how one product can better help your goals over another one. Over at, they put together some great stuff and one of them was this infographic that I wanted to show you all. This infographic shows, in a very clear and helpful way. If you check it out below, you can see just how well everything looks. Beyond just looking good, this could very well be something that helps you out the next time that you are getting to stock up on something for your next cycle:

cycle infographic

Another reason that I love this infographic so much is because of how helpful it is. We all know that sometimes we can barely say the name of what we are taking, let alone knowing what it is used for. One thing that goes hand in hand with cycles, would be a stack. When you are using a stack, you are probably not going to know what every single item does for you. Something else that can happen is if you are going to create your own cycle, you might have trouble needing to find everything that will work best for you, off of the top of your head. By using this information presented, you can easily check which category or goal you want, and then match it with the product on the far left or right side of this picture.

So, for all of your future cycling needs, check out this infographic and all of others that they have at their website. There is so much great information contained in this, that it is something you could really get use out of way more than once!

My Current PCT: Month 1 Results

January 15th, 2016

So, recently I had an awesome opportunity to run a killer cycle. After that, I had an idea about testing a post cycle product that I had been hearing a lot about. We will get into what that product was and if it lived up to all the apparent newly-found buzz that this one has. I hope I don’t alienate a portion of my readers here but I am all about being specific and this one just might take to a new level. We are going to be getting into specific workout routines and how my muscles either grew or lost size within a period of four weeks.

I have been hearing some rumblings from readers that some wanted more info that is on the technical and specific side of things. I am more than happy to have had your voices be heard, this one is for you. Before we head right into this, let me say that if this is more of what you like, be sure to let us know! I wanted to also list my workouts for each week that I did, so you could take those results and incorporate them into a plan of your own, if you so desire. The PCT that I used is called PCT-Platinum, I got mine from Amazon.

Exercise Routine for this Test:

Shoulders/Legs Day

Squats 5X5

Deadlifts 3X5

Leg Curls 4X10

Military Press 3X5

Dumbbell Shoulder Extensions 3X8

Chest/Back Day

Bench Press 5X5

Incline Bench 3X10

Barbell Rows 5X5

Shrugs 3X8

Week 1 Results: For this week, this was right after running a stack of a couple of my favorite things to run during the colder months. My strength was near its peak and I felt unstoppable. I weighed in at 240 lbs and had a staggering 8% body fat. Needless to say, I felt really proud of myself. I knew that a PCT was in my future and began taking the acquired amount of this stuff to get started. I was happy to see no new tissue forming that would collect as fat. The muscle gain started to diminish a bit, as far as the way that I looked. Although this week my measurements all held up steadily.

Week 2 Results: Wow, another great week without any increases in estrogen, awesome! Beyond that, I did see that my weight dropped slightly. I went from my previous weight of 240lbs by 231lbs on the end of the 14th day. I had heard that other people were reporting much higher losses than that on the other PCT cycles I read about, so not much to worry about here. I notice that my aggressive feelings are starting to subside and I feel a bit more level-headed.

Week 3 Results: Still more than excited to say that things are continuing to hold steady as time goes by. My gains are holding on and keeping up with the weight that I am losing. By my muscle gain and weight loss being at an even rate, I am still happy to say that I am happy to see everything in such great balance.

Final Week Results: Such a calming feeling to finish up the last PCT capsule that you have to use! I am definitely going to be enjoying my off season and just sticking to food! A well-deserved pig out day is in my near future! Really enjoyed using this product as it did do better for me than about any other one that I have used. I think that I can hear a buffet calling my name, time for a cheat day!

Being Smarter and Doing Less Cycles

January 6th, 2016

This might be something that sounds a little contradictory to the message here but, I noticed something pretty crazy recently. We will get to that in just a second but running too many cycles can set you back in terms of gains. You see cycling supplements on and off is such an important thing because of the power that certain products are going to wield. You must be sure that the cycle that you are running is going to be a proper one. There are people out there who think that you can run two or more cycles of supplements at one time, and that is never a good idea. There are way too many ingredients out there in what we use, don’t make any dumb moves and not know if you are combining certain ingredients together or not. The sad part when you do this happens because you might not know which products are giving your body too much of something. It can also be a little more complicated because there are ingredients that can be of the same type, which can lead to disastrous results if they are combined.

There was a big story that broke when DMAA came under the radar and has since been removed in most, if not all, weightlifting products out there. I actually knew someone who ended up with way to much DMAA in his body. He had studied his labels carefully, he was someone who had been weightlifting for a while. He had wondered how this had went down with him and I started to wonder the same thing. I went over to his place and we began to really look closely at what exactly he was doing.

It took quite a few look-overs before I had stumbled onto something. As it turns out, there was a couple of different names for the ingredient that he was using. My friend was not so thorough as he thought he was and he made a pretty big mistake, once he realized and looked back on it. You see, what had happened was that this ingredient was known by two different names. As you may have figured out by now, he foolishly was using two supplements with a high content of a certain ingredient in each one of them. Some ingredients are ok to take more of than what might be in one product, however, he was taking doses that were far too high to be used safely.

After he kept making this mistake for about a month, he had started to see that he was feeling very odd. He had noticed that after a couple weeks of this cycle, that he was starting to get very nauseous. I knew, while watching him workout with me, that something was going on. He just didn’t seem to have the same level of intensity that he would normally have. After figuring out a careful way to go about telling him (this guy is 6’5 and about 300 pounds), he agreed with me and decided to go and get checked out. Wouldn’t you know it? His doctor suspected that something that he was ingesting was causing him to get so sick before working out. As it turns out, he was taking way too much stuff for energy and he didn’t even know it. Please do not run more than one cycle at once and be sure that you know at least a bit about every ingredient that you are taking! Here are the results that I had saw from my friends lab work, quite eye opening!

friends results after cycle

My Opinion on Using Milk Thistle During A Cycle

December 30th, 2015

If you have not heard about it, milk thistle is something that many people have debated about, regarding how good or bad it can be as part of a cycle of supplements. Some people have said that milk thistle is an essential ingredient of any post cycle product (and it is in many of the best post cycles around), while others claim that it actually can hinder the absorption of what you are using. As with many other things in the world of supplements, opinions will always vary. I wanted to let you know a bit about milk thistle first, so that you can know what it does and how it works. Milk thistle is primarily used for helping to absorb toxins from the liver. It has been used in various medical treatments for numerous health issues including: diabetes, helping to reverse the damage from alcohol, and even hepatitis.

Therefore, you could see how many people would think that this might be a good ingredient to help the liver of those who have just taken a potent cycle of various kinds of supplements. It was not long before the supplement world caught on and there many different kinds of companies who were using this ingredient in their post cycle products. Being that it was listed as a main component of so many post cycle supplements, it was a very popular and in demand ingredient. Over time, there were some who claimed that this super power of an ingredient was not all that it claimed to be. I have read more scientific studies that help to draw the conclusion that milk thistle is something that should be used to help with any kind of liver issues (especially those caused by taking prohormones or something similar). Some will say that it will hurt the absorption of the receptors that these supplements need to work, but I don’t know if I can believe that. I mean, even if it would help to lower the rate at which you build muscle, at least you will know that this is being done in a safer way.

The argument against milk thistle makes about as much sense as saying that by taking no kind of post cycle, you will retain more muscle. Sure, this could end up being true but do you want to me the person to test out this theory? I know that I wouldn’t want to and would much rather have some peace of mind versus taking dangerous risks that could end up putting some heavy damage on my liver. The way that I see it, milk thistle is something that will help your liver recover from the work that it will being doing to process all of the ingredients coming through it. It is best that you decide to use milk thistle, regardless of what some people might say about it! It is always better to have safety precautions in place than to take any risks down the line. As the debates will continue on this ingredient and how well or not well it can be utilized in a supplement that is to be taken after your cycle, look for what works best as a whole. You don’t want to miss the forest for the trees and split hairs. Get something that gives you the protection that you need and worry about the ingredients second.

Should You Mix Your Own Supplements or Just Buy Them?

December 22nd, 2015

It was only recently, that I was actually aware that people are making their own kinds of supplements. I had always been of the persuasion that you could simply just get whatever kinds of supplements you needed, all mixed together by a company and I was just fine with that. After I had been reading around about how people are saving at on of money and only putting in a little bit of time to make their own products, I was astounded. It was from there, that I decided I would some ingredients of my own and mix together something to give me more energy through the day. I picked up a couple different ingredients through a website that I usually go to to get my stuff. The one thing that I noticed immediately was how much cheaper it really was. For example, you get a 2 pound bag of an ingredient and, at that point, you were only paying about 20% of what the big supplements out their cost. So, I will go into what I got an how I mixed it all together.  The ingredients that I ordered were, as follows: caffeine, creatine, beta alanine, and glutamine. I wanted to go through the ingredients quickly so you knew why I got them and what I did to mix it all together.

  • First, although it may not be the safest ingredient out there, I picked caffeine to use for energy.  It is a well-known fact that caffeine raises energy levels, and I would have a tough time getting throughout the day without it.
  • The next one that we are going to go into is creatine. Creatine is something that we get from goods, but usually not in high enough amounts to be fully beneficial for us. You can mix creatine powder in which whatever supplement that you choose to make and you will be getting a great ingredient that really helps for building muscle.
  • After that, we have beta alanine, and this supplement is used to help reduce the buildup in your muscles that you get when working out. If you do not think that you get this build up, I have some crazy news for you. This buildup actually occurs with everyone and it is what happens when your body stops you from finishing up that last rep, no matter how hard you want to do it.
  • Lastly, I put glutamine in because it is a well-known recovery aid. In addition to that, it is great for people who are doing any kind of strenuous physical activity.

It is important to note that caffeine and beta alanine are both ingredients that need to be cycled. So, this particular mix of ingredients is not something that you can not keep taking without a small rest period. Now, we do only have one more concern here, and that would be the flavor. For that, I would honestly recommend heading to your local store and grabbing a couple of cheap drink powders. You know, the ones that you can mix in with water and have a drink available to you right away. These again, are very well-priced and are great ways to give you new creation some great flavor. Now, I am only in the beginning stages of trying to put this all together, but here is what I found. Did I personally enjoy trying out my new creation when compared to my favorite supplement that I regularly order? No, not yet. However, I am hopeful that, with time, I might get a little better at this!

Supplements That You Probably Didn’t Know Need to be Cycled

December 16th, 2015

Beta Alanine is an ingredient that most people recommend cycling when making your supplement schedule. Now, there are no real dangers to using this ingredient without it being cycled but there is a big reason why you should consider doing it. Beta Alanine is an ingredient, that when not given a rest period from usage, will begin to have what I would call diminishing returns. I am sure that you all remember trying the first supplement that you had with Beta Alanine in it. You probably remember getting those initial tingles throughout your body and the way that it made you feel kind of itchy. Well, if you keep continuing to use this ingredient without taking a break from it, you will notice that you will get these feelings less and less as times goes on. This is a big reason (especially when combined with caffeine) why so many energy supplements suggest taking an additional scoop or two as you persist in using the supplement.

This one can be a bit of a shocker as this would be the most likely ingredient to be consumed by everyone. Yes, even if you don’t touch supplements, you most likely still use this ingredient that is to be cycled. Do you have to wake up to a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning? Maybe you are someone who has to run by the gas station before work to grab that energy drink? Lastly, you could be that person who doesn’t do either of those things, but you have to have your sodas throughout the day. I think that you might be able to see where I am going with this one. The ingredient that most people don’t know needs to be cycled is caffeine!

rest period

Yes, that item that most of us can’t get through our daily grind without falls into this list. It is said that to get the best results with taking a caffeine break, that it should be done for one whole week every few months. This is something that I have to say I have not tried yet. I am honestly hooked on caffeine and it would be so tough to imagine me not being able to have any for a whole week. Maybe someone reading this has tried a stim break and can attest to how well it works. Now, an important thing that I wanted to mention about the cycling of caffeine is that we are talking about energy supplements here. These are going to be the products that are made specifically to give you more energy, where you will see the high amounts of caffeine which would be enough to probably need a good cycle period.

I hope that this has helped to show you some more information about some steps needed to give you even better results with your nutrition plan. There are some ingredients out there that aren’t well known for their need to be given a break period from. You are mostly going to run into this problem when using energy supplements before your workout. Usually, most of these products will have some instructions for when to take a break from using it. Since those products are where you will usually find these hidden ingredients, just follow those rules on the label and you will be fine!


A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling: The Safer Side

December 8th, 2015

I wanted to talk about some more common supplement cycles that I have seen out there. First off, not all cycles are needing to be something really strong that you have to cycle off of, like what is in this video below, that is what everyone thinks when the word cycle is mentioned. The problem is, is that some people don’t or shouldn’t have the need to start working out with using such powerful supplements. This is something that I agree with because using those super strong supplements when you first start working out is honestly a waste of both time and money.

When you start working out, it is going to take time before you see any kind of improvement. It is something that we have all gone through, the waiting period of not seeing any muscle growth at all and being super sore all of the time. For one thing, using supplement that pros use when you are a beginner, is not going to give you the same results that they had. You have got to at least build a base of muscle before you even need some of the more potent supplements out there.

There can be the safer products out there that people use in a cycle all the time. As a matter of fact, if you use any kinds of supplements, you are probably on a cycle of them right now. One common cycle that I hear about is something most of use and is a great cycle to start out with, let me give you an example. For a beginner’s supplement cycle, I would try something like this:


  • 1 serving of a preworkout (only take on days you are working out).
  • 1 serving of creatine.


  • 1 serving of an intra-workout.


  • 1 serving of glutamine.
  • 1 protein shake.

cycles for newbies3

By following something similar to this, you can be a newbie in the workout world and get to use a set of supplements together for the best results that you can get. Now, this won’t turn you into a pro bodybuilder in weeks, but it is going to get you results faster than if you used no supplements at all. Now you can see that just because you are using a cycle of supplements doesn’t mean that you have to get anything riskier than usual or be someone who has lifted weights for years and years.
I think that the word cycle has a bit of a bad reputation in the weightlifting world, or, at least, a very misguided one. Something that certain people will forget to mention is that a pre workout is something that needs to be cycled. If you check the label on most of them, you will see something saying do not take this product on off days or take product for a certain amount of time and discontinue for another amount of time. I have to admit, I am someone who needs caffiene to even get out of bed in the morning, so I find myself breaking this rule. I know that this is probably not the best thing for my body, so I have had to taper off recently. What my goal is will be to try and go one month without using a pre workout supplement. I have had to go with strong coffee before my workouts now, and while I wasn’t a happy camper the first week, it does get easier to do. I am, however, ready for this to be over, so that I can use my pre workouts again!

Don’t Be Stupid and Break the Rules of A Cycle

November 28th, 2015

I have seen, too many times to count, friends of mine who think that they don’t need to follow the very important off cycle of using a certain supplement. These people are not very smart and although a couple have gotten good results, they are definitely the exception. I have heard some people try to call out people to actually follow the cycles for being nerds or wusses but this is all a bunch of he-man bull. I really don’t care if anyone thinks that I am a little goody two shoes by following the rules of my supplements cycles to the date.

There are way too many health effects that can happen if you don’t follow these rules. I am not going to be one that is going to test this out in hopes that I’m somehow proven right. It is not worth the risk to keep taking a supplement every day that is supposed to be cycled. You will be causing major internal and external damage to your body by doing this. These supplements are very strong and work well. However, they work so well and are so powerful that the body can just not handle the constant abuse from taking them and never stopping to give your body a rest.

The rest that your body will need is essential for muscle growth. Another thing that I think is a tall tale would be how much muscle and gains people are claiming to lose after they stop taking a supplement. Now I will say that there is a bunch of garbage out there but for the good ones, you’re not really going to lose that much muscle once you stop taking it. I think it is honestly people who maybe did not have the proper workout and diet in place. So, when they stop taking the supplement of course they are going to see their gains and muscle mass go down a little bit.

Remember, supplements have that name for a reason they are used to supplement your nutrition not replace it altogether. During the time that you were cycling off of a certain supplement, this is when your nutrition and exercise are going to be the biggest factors for your growth. If you have a solid foundation in place, ceasing use of that supplement want to play as big of a factor in your results going down a bit.

Now, naturally, your results are not going to be the same as when you were using that supplement, no matter what. If this were the case, then this a name of the supplement, effectively, really did nothing for you. If there is a case where you take something for a month or two and then find that your results haven’t really gone down, you may have gotten a bad supplement. Those increases in muscle mass and strength that you saw while taking it could very well be the product of a solid diet and exercise regimen.

Everyone out there, don’t let your peers confuse you or make you feel bad for following the rules. Granted, some rules may be made to be broken, but cycling is not one of them. Be smart with these potent supplements and follow the rules. Your body and mind will be glad that you did. Along with that, you were going to see better results than the people who are not following the rules. If someone stays on a supplement for a long enough amount of time, eventually that supplement will not be as powerful as it was initially to the body. That is a reason why you will see with, let’s say, energy drinks. Those people that are always drinking them seem to have to feel the need to drink a couple more today than normal. This is because caffeine is something that you can build a bit of a tolerance to. Caffeine is no different from any ingredient, if you use too much of it, you run the possibility of seeing diminishing results over time.