Healthy Supplement Cycles
Know the facts before you take the risks!

A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling: The Safer Side

December 8th, 2015

I wanted to talk about some more common supplement cycles that I have seen out there. First off, not all cycles are needing to be something really strong that you have to cycle off of, like what is in this video below, that is what everyone thinks when the word cycle is mentioned. The problem is, is that some people don’t or shouldn’t have the need to start working out with using such powerful supplements. This is something that I agree with because using those super strong supplements when you first start working out is honestly a waste of both time and money.

When you start working out, it is going to take time before you see any kind of improvement. It is something that we have all gone through, the waiting period of not seeing any muscle growth at all and being super sore all of the time. For one thing, using supplement that pros use when you are a beginner, is not going to give you the same results that they had. You have got to at least build a base of muscle before you even need some of the more potent supplements out there.

There can be the safer products out there that people use in a cycle all the time. As a matter of fact, if you use any kinds of supplements, you are probably on a cycle of them right now. One common cycle that I hear about is something most of use and is a great cycle to start out with, let me give you an example. For a beginner’s supplement cycle, I would try something like this:


  • 1 serving of a preworkout (only take on days you are working out).
  • 1 serving of creatine.


  • 1 serving of an intra-workout.


  • 1 serving of glutamine.
  • 1 protein shake.

cycles for newbies3

By following something similar to this, you can be a newbie in the workout world and get to use a set of supplements together for the best results that you can get. Now, this won’t turn you into a pro bodybuilder in weeks, but it is going to get you results faster than if you used no supplements at all. Now you can see that just because you are using a cycle of supplements doesn’t mean that you have to get anything riskier than usual or be someone who has lifted weights for years and years.
I think that the word cycle has a bit of a bad reputation in the weightlifting world, or, at least, a very misguided one. Something that certain people will forget to mention is that a pre workout is something that needs to be cycled. If you check the label on most of them, you will see something saying do not take this product on off days or take product for a certain amount of time and discontinue for another amount of time. I have to admit, I am someone who needs caffiene to even get out of bed in the morning, so I find myself breaking this rule. I know that this is probably not the best thing for my body, so I have had to taper off recently. What my goal is will be to try and go one month without using a pre workout supplement. I have had to go with strong coffee before my workouts now, and while I wasn’t a happy camper the first week, it does get easier to do. I am, however, ready for this to be over, so that I can use my pre workouts again!

Was Juicing the Cause of Reign’s Suspension?

June 24th, 2016

One of professional wrestling’s biggest stars, in one tweet, has sent a message to his friends, family, and friends that has stunned the world. Roman Reigns, a man that was primed to be the next big thing in the wrestling world, now faces a thirty-day suspension from wrestling. News of this immediately hit all of the big sports websites and climbed to near the top of Reddit. Hearing about this suspension actually happening is shocking, for two big reasons. The first aspect of all of this that has made it the big news story that it is, is because it shows everyone just how serious testing is at the WWE. Until any other news is received, the reason for the suspension and the cause of what caused Reigns to fail his test are still unknown. Still, Reign’s suspension goes to prove that, even though they have been picked apart for it, in the past, the WWE is taking no prisoners when it comes to their testing policies.
The other part of this story that I still can’t understand, is why Roman? I mean, this was a guy who literally had the blueprint for success written out letter by letter for him and he blew it in such a big way. Fans are still arguing back and forth about what his future will hold within the company. Some are worried that he will go right back to his spot at the top. Reign’s time at the top of the company, toting the big boy belt, has been one of the worst times to be a wrestling fan. Roman Reigns is a good enough wrestler, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is incredibly dull, when using a microphone.

Fans have been calling for a change to happen, dethroning Reigns of his spot that he got wrapped up and handed to him on a silver platter. That being roman wellsaid, I don’t think that a suspension was what, even his most vocal critics would have wanted. I don’t think that anyone deserves to be suspended, unless they are doing something that forces the hand of the company. If you aren’t a wrestling fan, it is tough to explain how big of a deal this is, not just for Reigns, but for the entire WWE, as well. I’m glad that the WWE was strict on making their decision, regardless of a superstars spot within the company. There are still those who say that this could have a big impact on the WWE, which I don’t think it will, at least not in the big picture. The world of wrestling is one that is filled with men and women, all ready to take a spot that is offered to them. Surely, there is no shortage of those who want to show the company that they can carry the ball.
Will Roman come back and reclaim his top spot, or could this be the beginning of the end for the Roman Empire? As more is found out, namely the substance in question that caused the suspension, there will be answers that will be brought to the masses. I have a feeling that Roman will absolutely be back in the WWE ring, after his suspension is over. Kudos to the WWE for making the decision and pulling the trigger on this suspension, not because I don’t like Roman Reigns, but because it sets the bar for the toughness that other sports league need to remember.

Intercept by Neon Sport: How I Felt About It

June 13th, 2016

Since I am just about to wrap up a big cycle that I have been working on, I wanted to mention an Aromatase Inhibitor that I have been enjoying trying out. The name of this supplement is called Intercept and it’s by a relatively new supplement company called Neon Sport. Intercept will also help you to control the levels of cortisol that you create, therefore, making it easier to reduce the amount of that substance. You don’t want to have higher cortisol levels but will face a choice that you have to make while you are on a cycle. The choice is taking those extra steps to ensure that you have an environment within you that is actively creating new muscle and keeping what you already have. If you are trying to grow, but have too much cortisol throughout your body, the gains will minimize and you will see more estrogen and fat accumulation, overall.

The way that Intercept creates a more anabolic environment is by the way that it is made, bringing you three different pathways for growth. Water retention is a very annoying thing that bodybuilders will deal with in their live, at one point or another. Even though you might be lifting to tone up and really get some definition, making your muscles pop, retaining too much water will never let you see the results of all of your hard work. I have seen lifters be amazed, when they are able to rid themselves of the water in their bodies, when they see just how good they look staying shredded.

What Does Intercept Have that Other PCT’s Don’t?

The extract of dandelion root is used in Intercept, in order to help bring you more visible muscles, by helping to eliminate any excess water that might be circulating within you. One thing is for sure, when you are having some stressful days, your body reacts to this change in emotions. We have all been told for years that being stressed out is bad for your health. I agree that stress can really set you back but, by the same way of thinking, how in the world are we supposed to just make stress disappear? I have tried many different methods to de-stress and while some do work, it is near impossible for me to just not have stress anymore. Blockade did well with stress management but Intercept seemed to work better.

I believe that stress is a part of the daily grind that we all go through and while it can’t be controlled, having Intercept be able to rid some stress-induced fat gains is awesome. I would consider this product to be a perfect way to eliminate, not stress, but the side effects of what role stress play on your body, namely the fat that we store because we are stressed. Lastly, increased production of estrogen will be the final setback that Intercept wants to take care of. No matter how good you are at gaining muscle, which all has to do with your training style and body type, estrogen can derail this progress quickly.

What Intercept has is an estrogen control matrix, meaning a combination of single ingredients that, when combined, actively attack estrogen production. You don’t want to have quick results, only to find them reversed, due to estrogen rearing its ugly head. It’s no joke, I have seen men humbled and ending up really messed up in the head once cycles are over and they start to produce more estrogen. Not only showing physical symptoms, men not being used to having their hormone levels changed can also notice that there could be mental side effects, too.

Slow Progress: Update for the Week of 6/5

June 6th, 2016

As promised, here is a look at how I am currently faring in trying to rid some unwanted fat, gained from the recent months. As you know, I have been working hard to reduce the amount of calories that I am eating. I get so sick of hearing my stomach growl, during those times of weakness, that I am almost able to tune it out. Going to sleep has gotten a bit harder, as I am used to raiding the fridge for a nice snack, can’t do that anymore! Being that I am on a calorie-deficit, while still lifting, it gets hard to find those last moments of energy but I am trying my best. The cutting out foods I love to eat has been grueling but when I see my body looking more the way that I want to, it is worth it.

finished stackI reported earlier that I was starting to get cranky but I am taking something right now that is known as a mood booster, most of the time it works great. I still have those occurrences where I feel that I am prone to bouts of anger, it is getting easier to control now. My arms are continuing to grow, at a decent rate, which makes the work that I am putting in feel more worth it. When I started this cycle, my arms measured in at 18.5 inches and they have now worked their way up to 20 inches. It might not sound like much to the more experienced bodybuilders out there but it was a huge victory for me. I had a recent moment of weakness last week when I was at a party and there was some great food there. I over-indulged and ended up eating so much that I spent the rest of the night, after I got home, with stomach cramps and was nauseous. It was almost as if my body couldn’t handle all of the stuff in those foods that I devoured.

I will know in the future that I have got to pace myself, better yet, I should just keep sticking to my diet. I have eaten so much tuna lately that it does get tough to push past my barriers and down another bite. The PCT process has been easier than expected, I am using one that was recommended by many people I know that have used it first-hand. A good portion of my strength has still stuck around, even more than I thought I was going to have by the time that this cycle was winding down. I have noticed slight dips in what weight I could max out on but that isn’t really a shocker, since I knew that this would end up taking place. The positive aspect of the slight strength losses is that my numbers are still way higher than they were a few months ago, so no complaints here! There you have it, as I end up finishing the post cycle portion of this process, I will give you some final information on before and after results, when compared to my measurements before even starting this cycle. I want to know what you all are cycling and how you are coming along, in attaining your goals. Head over to the contact page, where you fill me on all of the details. Also, feel free to head over to our Facebook where I am always leaving some nice updates on.

Supplement Stacks that Bulk You Up Without A PCT

May 26th, 2016

Lately, it seems as if you all want an easier option to some of the more advanced cycles. I completely understand your concerns and that is why I wanted to tell you about some stacks that you can run without having to use anything for post cycle supplements. These supplements are great ways that you can get the most for what you spend, without having to plunk down anything extra on a post cycle. You might not see as much in the way of better lifting but you will still see some advancements to your physique.

One particular one that I like is contained in a video review you will find above. For me, this is about the easiest way to start using a stack, if you haven’t done much cycling of your supplements. It’s fairly inexpensive so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like other starting cycles could. Without a PCT, you won’t have to remember as much, I hate having to juggle times and dates to make sure my body is getting what it needs. It is too much work to try and measure out all of the amounts of what I need to use, as well! Bulking up isn’t easy but if you want to get big and you are dedicated, you can get to where you need to be. When gaining weight, don’t go overboard!

Depending upon how much you weigh now, don’t think that it will be healthy to gain 50 pounds in a month. Gaining weight faster than your body can handle will only leave you at risk for a ton of medical issues. Even worse, the weight that you will gain, without keeping an eye on how much is being gained, could leave you with more fat than anything else. Keep an eye on how your workouts are going, some groups will bulk faster than others. As an example, my back will gain size quicker than any muscle group. I have often joked that it is fitting for me, who can be a narcissist, to get the best development on a muscle group that I can’t even see! Find what muscles grow the fastest for you and put the most effort and focus on that said group.

Current Cycle Update for the Week of 5/22

May 22nd, 2016

what I have been cyclingI am going to be giving you all a current update of the cycle that I am running right now. Currently, I am trying to lean out a bit, with Summer right around the corner. First, my diet has reduced in calories gradually, we are getting low in that department. Making sure that I am getting the leanest gains possible, I have had to eliminate some of my favorite foods, which makes me a bit crankier than usual. I am adjusting to the new diet and eating schedule semi-well, it is always a gradual process. For my workouts, I have been concentrating on some leg development, hitting them heavily. With all of the leg workouts that I have been doing, it sure doesn’t make driving around any fun. As for the supplements that I am using currently, I am running the Mega Muscle Power Stack. I am needing to focus my effort on lifts that do the most to boost my reps. I am currently aiming to get about 12 to 15 repetitions for each set. Working out this way, as long as I have been, has definitely left me a little bit more sore than normal. I am looking to really get rid of all of those annoying aches and pains during my post cycle, as I have something lined up for that as well. What I have found most challenging during this current time in my cycle is missing old foods. With what I am taking, you have got to have a strict diet going on. It hasn’t been the easiest thing but getting to see the fat that I have stored all year begin to drop off is astounding.

Honestly, the dedication becomes easier once you see results. I think that this is a concept that can be applied to all avenues of life, if you put in the maximum effort (calling Deadpool), you will see the results that you have wanted. One sad side effect of the stack that I am using now is that I find myself a little bit down in the dumps, so to speak. I would think that diet would be partially to blame for why I am feeling so down. There were some reviews that had mentioned that there would be some mood swinging happening, it wasn’t something that everyone agreed upon but I think that the ones who mentioned it were right. Still, I love seeing how far I have come from when I started this cycle. I will still continue to keep everyone updated on how things change with a big reveal at the end of the month, I promise you want to stay tuned for this one. I wanted to update you all on my lifting progress, as well. For my bench, I am now adding a plate to each side of the bar. I can really feel it when I add more weight to my big lifts but the pressure is worth it to be able to continually progress in a hobby that I love to do.

My arms are doing quite well, I am using a mixture of workouts designed to bring both strength and size. Being that I am trimming down, I kind of want to keep some mass on my arms so I will usually hit those a bit harder than some other muscle groups. I will be starting a new PCT at the end of May or beginning of June, whichever lines up with when I finish this stack. Thank you all for continuing to check out this website and giving me the honor of keeping you updated on what a cycle truly means.

How Does Lee Priest Do An Off-Season?

May 8th, 2016

When in the off-season of bodybuilding, things slow down a bit. For those who have experienced the growing nature of what it takes to get ready for a bodybuilding show, you know that probably sounds like an understatement. While you’re not getting ready to be on the stage you can use a lower dose cycle that is purely for maintenance, instead of actually building anything up. During this off-season, your body will run under different conditions, as well.

If you want to see some crazy transformations, from on cycle to off cycle, look no further than Lee Priest. You have probably seen the images of his on and off season pictures. This is a guy who can go from having the perfect physique during on season, to having a big belly who is stuffing his face with fast food in the off-season. Here’s the kicker, the guy can pull this kind of transformation off because he knows that he can get rid of all of the fat.

With the protein that he is getting, even during his off-season cycle, the guy can go back as the temperature starts to warm up and look like 1 million bucks. The sort of cycle that he recommends using is one for 6 to 8 weeks followed by a two month break and then an additional 6 to 8 week cycle. Keep in mind that Lee priest is a trained professional, one of the highest caliber. If you are just learning about cycles, I wouldn’t recommend running a program like this so early into your cycling experience.

One tip that I love from Lee priest is to concentrate on your eating and training while you’re not on season. This sort of intensity and discipline will keep you ahead of the pack while there are no shows going on. I think it is sort of a mental thing to believe that you’re still on gear, even while you’re not. I could definitely see this giving someone an edge in the gym due to the fact that a lot of success in training comes from a healthy mental state. If your mental state is telling your body that it still feels like it is running steroids, perhaps you will train that way while not even using them at all.

Does a Cycle Pose Danger to Someone?

May 3rd, 2016

Something that I hear all of the time is this false fear that just because something is called a cycle, that it will not be good for you. Quite the contrary, a cycle is just a name for the length of time that it takes to finish using an anabolic, or something similar. Being that these products are hard on the body, a cycle is almost a must, most of the time. The cycle will have different phases, which I want to go into detail about, as I feel that there is a lot of misinformation around the internet. First, any good cycle will have its initial phase, let’s call it phase one. In phase one, you will be starting to take an anabolic, this is where you will put in most of the work. In this phase, you will want to be lifting fairly regularly. I would even say that you will (after the first week or two) be working out more frequently.

Phase 2: Where Real Growth Begins

These anabolics will alter the rate at which you need to rest. If you are resting less, which is what these products were intended to do, don’t waste that time. I think that one big reason why people say that a cycle didn’t work for them was because they were not making the most out of the time that they had. If you don’t push yourself and add some extra sets (which should be easier to do), you aren’t going to get the most bang for your buck. When I am not running anything, I will commonly rest two days in between workouts. I take this rest time seriously because I work my muscles to the point of failure, which leads to some pain the next day. When you use something worthy of starting a cycle for, work as hard as you safely can. Try not to miss any days when you need to be lifting, you will get diminishing returns and since these supplements can be expensive, why waste your valuable time and money?

Final Phase: Healing and Repairing!

The next phase of any good cycle would be the post-cycle phase. This next phase is where you are going to use any Post Cycle Therapy supplement, in order to keep the gains that you have gotten from the first phase. Some products will require a PCT, while others will leave that option up to you. If you have the funds, I would grab a PCT, no matter what. As you taper off an anabolic supplement, your work rate and lean gains will taper, as well. Grabbing a PCT helps to bring your body back to normal by stabilizing your blood pressure and reduces estrogen production. Think of a PCT as an extra safety measure to help clean you out, I realize that might not be the best sounding way to describe what it does. Finally, you are left with a third phase to complete your knowledge of how to properly cycle anabolics. This phase is where you don’t use any supplements and just work out naturally. This last phase is a good way to finish the process of bringing your body back to normal, running anabolics all year round would most likely kill you. There you have it, the basic how-to on cycling supplements, now get out there and keep growing that physique! Cycles are what help to keep all of us safe when we run some gear that our bodies are telling us that we shouldn’t.

My Current Progress with Using Blockade

April 20th, 2016

Post cycle supplementation is a crucial way to avoid dealing with the potential life-threatening side effects of a bad cycle. Not doing enough to ensure that your body properly recovers from the harsh battering it takes when using hormones isn’t something that is lost on professional bodybuilders. There are different supplements that you can use for post-cycle nutrition, one of which is called Blockade. I have to admit, the main reason that I first began using this supplement was its price.

I was getting tired of having to shell out upwards of fifty bucks, just to protect my muscle gains. As you know, spending a good amount on a stack is already damaging enough, without throwing in the extra you have to spend to keep that muscle. Being that this one retailed for thirty bucks had peaked my interest, the ingredients were what finally tipped me over the edge to get it. Supporting not just your muscles, but your blood pressure and joints, there is so much good that Blockade does for your body.

One of those ingredients is Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is a key ingredient in organ protection. Everyone always worries about what compounds can do to your liver, why not protect every organ at the same time? With widespread issues of side effects derailing a weightlifter’s life in an instant, having a good post cycle product in your corner is never a bad thing. If you want to try something that is, what I would call, the most innovative cycle support out there, this is for you. Be smart and protect your organs, so that you can keep shattering those personal records and live your life as a complete beast.

Remember to look at the video in this post, as it has additional product information, if you choose to give it a view. This video is from a supplement shop online that I frequent, as they always have awesome new supplements coming in. Blockade will do an amazing job at keeping you healthy, while you should try to stray away from the harsher supplements, this support will ensure that you don’t have the amount of side effects as you would normally.

An Early Misstep that Messed Up My Cycle

April 13th, 2016

When I first starting cycling supplements, I made a critical mistake, like some beginners do. I had a friend that knew more about working out and what to use than I did. He took me under his wing and was going to teach me what did and did not need to be cycled. First, I would run a lower intensity version of the products that he was using and we were going to take it from there. Being the first time that I had really started to actually use something like this, I was very nervous. When I get extremely nervous, my hands will shake uncontrollably. It isn’t anything that is real drastic but it becomes enough to affect how steady I can hold onto something.

As fate would have it, after our workout, me and my friend went off to the locker room to officially start my first cycle. As I began to get everything together, my nerves were off the charts and trying to hold a glass container was a challenge. When I needed to have my hands cooperate with me and be steady, they failed me. Before I really knew what was going on, I heard glass shatter. Not dropping onto the hard tile floor, the crash came from my accidentally breaking the small bottle in my hand. Right away I felt a surge of pain go through my hand, which was now a semi-closed fist. My friend heard the noise as well and whipped around, fearing for the worst. I looked down at my hand, just like smashing a bug, I knew that I had to look to see the damage. My hand now had a decent sized cut and blood was starting to trickle down. Before, I got a detailed look at my hand, I wiped off all of what was in the vial.

I was already dumb enough to break the one thing that I needed to keep in one piece, I wasn’t about to have such a large amount enter my blood through a cut. After getting myself all bandaged up and once my friend stopped laughing at me, I had to re-evaluate what I wanted to do. After being so embarrassed about my humble beginnings, I came back to cycling again with a different mindset. I also ended up getting something for my nerves, to help steady my hands for the future. I know that my total nerd move would end up teaching me an important lesson about shaky hands.

The Moment the Truth was Revealed

Later on that night, I sitting at the table with some friends enjoying a nice dinner. Like the old movies, one friend saw my hand and asked why it looked the way that it did. For some reason, I had not thought to take the time to prepare an answer to this question and had to come clean. There was a good amount of awkward silence before everyone got back to eating. Everyone was being cool about it and didn’t seem like anyone was too offended by the life that I had chosen to live. What I had thought was going to be the end of my world had ended up being turned into a funny dinner conversation. I am proud to say that I learned a lot from making such a big mistake and have never had any incident like the previously mentioned one repeat itself.

Bone Strength Not Tied to Exercise But Supplements Can Help

April 5th, 2016

It is no big secret that working out generally helps your body. However, there are some new reports being released that suggest it might not help out every single part, namely your bones. This is something that isn’t a huge shock to me. Of course, I knew that exercising helps you to drop bad weight and gain good weight, which is muscle. Even though working out isn’t the great help to your bones that some had thought it was, there are supplements that you can take to help improve your bones. I wanted to list a couple of them, along with cycle information.

The most important and least harmful of all of your options for bone health would have to be calcium. You don’t want to get too much of this ingredient, but it’s definitely important to have some form of calcium in your diet. Since this is an ingredient in many foods and drinks (milk), you don’t have to really worry about cycling this one. As long as you don’t go too overboard with how much calcium you get, you should be just fine.

The next one would be a good multivitamin, there is going be tons of stuff in there that will help to protect your bones and keep them nice and strong. My only advice would be to watch out and check how much calcium will be in the multivitamin. I say this because you don’t want to have a situation where you are taking the maximum amount of calcium from your supplement and then risk taking too much from the extra calcium in your multivitamin.

To be on the even more cautious side, I would recommend using either a multivitamin or a calcium supplement, not both at the same time. Even though some might be shocked to learn that bones don’t really get strengthened through exercise alone, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t supplements to cycle that can still help out your bones.

If you want to really ramp up repairing your valuable bones, consider implementing some stretches into your daily routine. Oftentimes what we learn as bone pain or noises coming from them, can be caused by muscles that are out of place. Don’t worry, you can stop imagining muscles that have fallen off the bone, it is nothing that drastic. There are a multitude of stretches you can do in your home that will help to give those aching bones some relief. Try out various stretches that target different muscle areas, if the pain and cracking sounds go away, you have yourself a winner. Always make sure that if you feel any weirdness, or the cracking and popping sounds start, stop stretching immediately.

bone systemIf you haven’t, you could always try going to a yoga class. I have known people that have said yoga took care of all of their back issues, which started with a disc being out of place. From there, this guy would continuously go to a yoga class, once a week, for about two months. Gradually, he began noticing that his minor limp had slowly started to go away. It wasn’t too long before his back issue went away, almost entirely. Yoga isn’t for everybody and I understand that. Try using the supplement that I talked about and doing some stretches but always speak with a doctor before taking any of these steps, safety first! At least now you can stop fretting over feeling the need to cancel that gym membership, you can still do plenty of good for yourself there.