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What Exactly is a Steroid Cycle?

October 2nd, 2015

For the people that have used steroids or the more safer legal steroids out there, you will know all about cycles. Cycles even go into the world of other supplements that are as strong as they possibly can be.  Anyways, when a cycle comes to mind you think of something that you do for a certain period of time and then stop for another period of time. A steroid cycle is exactly this, you take a certain supplement or steroid for a set amount of time in the discontinue use for another amount of time. In most cases the supplement in question is usually taken for a period of anywhere from 1 to 3 months and then usually take about 6 to 8 weeks off. This is done for the safety of the user so that they do not run into any trouble. There’s also a great way to help keep any sort of muscle mass that you gain after using the steroid cycle.

legal steroid usage plan

The bad thing that can occur is when steroid users believe that they do not need a cycle and instead take the supplements year round. This is very dangerous and is not recommended to anyone try this, these people take their health and life into their own hands.

Using steroids and a cycle pattern is essential for any success. Although not all supplements need to be cycled, you usually find this happening in the strongest of all supplements. However, even some pre-workout powders that gives you energy and things like that are also recommended to be cycled. Some people get creative and do cycles of different supplements from the same category.  Sometimes, with pre-workout powder’s that are not as strong as other supplements, this can happen and be just fine. However, when we are talking about prohormones, or powerful supplements like that and legal steroids, you really want to play it safe and completely cycle all usage of any type of those products.

Something that some people do not understand is that pre-workout powders, although strong, will not usually pose any risks with long-term use. However with more powerful sports nutrition supplements, we will run into the problem of having too much, too fast, too soon. If you are wondering which supplement might be one to try, say hello to the best legal steroids that we found based on reviews.

I am someone who personally will not cycle of the less stronger supplements, in this case, pre-workout powder’s. Usually, for me, I work out about 3 to 4 times per week. Every time I have a workout day I will take the pre-workout powder. I do understand the risk of taking it every single day of the week and I do not do that but have heard of others that do.  To summarize, it is always best to use the proper cycle for whichever supplement that you were taking. Although it may seem like you were not getting enough of the supplement while you’re not taking it during the off cycle, your body will thank you for following the rules. Even though I do not cycle pre-workouts, as they say to do, I would not recommend that you do the same. I have a very strong caffeine tolerance and I’ve always had this so for me this works but there’s no guarantee that someone less tolerant to caffeine and will be able to do it.

Lastly, most of the bad versions of steroids have been long since banned, so if you want to make sure you are getting something safe Wikipedia has a great list of all of the steroids (or at least a large percentage of them!

Let Supplements Help Make Your Workouts Easier

September 24th, 2015

One of the most common complaints that we hear on this website is that people don’t have the time to work out. With the full-time jobs and families this may sound like a legit concern but when we look at the facts we find some different information. For one, when you were beginning to work out you will need to start very slow. Usually you can get your workouts done, and good workouts at that, spending only about 10 to 20 minutes at first. Best of all, you only need to do this about twice a week at first. This is because you will no doubt have fewer muscles when you start working out. It is because of this, that you will need to just get some exercise and at first and don’t take the risk of overexerting yourself.

Now, you might be thinking, what about when I start to get stronger? Even for this intermediate stage, you really only need about 3 to 5 hours per week. A tip I’ve always used is to schedule my workouts on my days off, this way I am less pressed for time and it makes it a whole lot easier all around. When discussing the intermediate stage and even as we go into the advanced, you’re really not looking at spending more than about eight hours a week, even at a super advanced level.

The second most common misconception that I hear about is that people stop working out because they’re seeing slow results. Now this is when I do actually understand, as I have been in this kind of place before. One of the most easiest ways to fix this problem is to either take supplements, or take a step down in your training, or even both.

First, let’s look at supplements. Supplements are products that are designed to give you better overall athletic performance. When deciding on a supplement to get, I would usually check around the Internet and see what has the best reviews. As far as the staples of supplements go. I would recommend a good protein powder, a fish oil supplement, and a pre-workout product. If you want to go beyond that as far as supplements are concerned, you will find many different choices. Be sure to decide what your fitness goals are and plan your supplementation accordingly from there.

At first, the idea of transforming your body through workouts every week seems very daunting. However once you begin to start doing it and start seeing the positive results, it will make those trips to the gym a whole lot easier.  I used to play video games a lot and thought that the working out would really cut into my time that I had to myself. I was wrong, and yes even though it does take time, it was something that I began to become addicted to. I love the feeling of pushing myself to my limits and I loved watching my body transform into something looked much better than when I started.

If you are able to look at this objectively, we can see where your hours go, this is when you will really be able to see just how little time it working out takes. I think it is just that most people assume that they want me to take on some bodybuilding lifestyle with being in the gym every single day for hours on end. Please understand that this is only something that is done when you reach a certain level of fitness. For someone starting out to get to that point where they would need to work out that much would definitely take years. So I would suggest that you start small put in a couple of hours a week and begin to be amazed at the results you achieve in such little time.

Another great tip is if you have a friend that is either active or that you can coerce to become active, you now could have a workout buddy! This is a great thing to have because it will keep both of you on schedule and not having too many let’s not go to the gym and do something else instead days!

Welcome to Healthy Supplement Cycles!

September 24th, 2015

I want to thank you for visiting this page. By doing so, you all show us why we need to live a healthier lifestyle. We know that it is not always the easiest life to choose, but we do it everyday! There is so many tempting options out there to destroy all of the hard work that we do. From the fast food to the quick and easier but less healthier meal options, we really have to be strong out in the world.

With so many advancements and updates going on involving our health, it is important to have someplace to find the latest and most important health information. We here at Healthy Supplement Cycles will be doing our best to bring you all of the latest tidbits in the world of health. The crazy thing about doing so much research on health topics and news, there is so much that changes.

We have all heard that one thing is good for you and then it seems like the very next week it is terrible for you! Living the healthy lifestyle can consist of many things. For some, they may just enjoy dieting and being active. However, we know that everyone living this great lifestyle has different kinds of things they enjoy doing to be active.

For some, they enjoy hitting the weights and getting bigger and stronger. Others enjoy the great rush that comes with a bicycle ride or a nice long run. We want you all to know that we will be having tons of sections on here for some awesome stuff for everyone from bodybuilders to bicyclists. The most important part of how we look is what we consume. With so many people out there struggling to make the right food choices, we have got you covered.

Get ready for some great recipes from the staff (one is even a chef), these recipes will all keep with the theme of this website and be healthy ones. But, let me tell you, just because these recipes are healthy does not mean they are nasty. We know that dieting is tough but some of the stuff that we have prepared is going to make diet time fly by like a breeze.

We have heard many recent big name figures come under the limelight and it is a sad time. We will not be doing anything gimmicky like that here. We only want to bring the latest news to our readers. However, we do welcome any and all feedback with our site being in its newer stages. So, please if there is something you want us to cover to do something about, please let us know. As a matter of fact, we have a contact page at the top of the website where you can do just that.